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Marshall's College of Arts and Media very productive

Aug. 28, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

As another semester begins at Marshall University, I start seeing all the new brochures from the College of Arts and Media. Art exhibitions, concerts, plays and performances, just to name a few.

Sure, it's my job to promote this college. But the amount of culture our students are providing this community - often for free admission - is nothing short of remarkable.

Each year, our fine arts students are involved in more than 150 events, open to the public. One-hundred and fifty. In one year. That doesn't include what our journalism students offer. (Yes, fine arts and journalism/mass communications have merged at Marshall. We're acclimating quite well. And we showcase just about every form of expression there is.)

The J-school brings you WMUL, the college radio station. It prints The Parthenon newspaper five days a week if you're lucky enough to snag a copy, and it has Out Loud - a student-run advertising and public relations agency serving this community.

Long story short, we're a machine. The College of Arts and Media at Marshall is a force. And I hope you're taking the time to appreciate the entertainment - and education - that our students (and fine faculty!) share with Huntington.

No person in this city should ever say there's nothing to do here. The next time you hear this, have them call me. Any given night there's something going on here. Whether it's an orchestra concert, a main-stage production of "The Taming of the Shrew," an exhibition of local artists' work at Gallery 842, or the Marshall Artists Series bringing in Jason Mraz. There's something to do.

Feel like staying in? Tune into 88.1-FM. You'll be entertained by the college radio DJs.

Nervous an event isn't family-friendly? Call. Many of them are. Matter of fact, I still remember my (then) 4-year-old playing her "air violin" along with Lindsay DiFatta's senior recital. She can recognize Tommy Warf's ceramic work on a poster among other art. Often, we assume these places aren't kid-friendly, so we don't even try. Gallery 842 is in walking distance of Pullman Square, and free. Take a stroll down 4th Avenue and check it out. They don't expect you to be an art connoisseur, I promise. And if you're curious about something, you can ask questions to the gallery staff. They don't bite. On the contrary, they think it's cool you're interested. And even cooler you're exposing your children - the next generation of potential artists - to art. Think you can't wear jeans to a theatre performance? You can. I've done it. So relax, and participate.

We're determined to bring you an array of cultural events, but you've got to take us up on it and attend.

Want more info? Visit www.marshall.edu/cam - you'll find links to calendars, contact information, ticket prices when they apply, and more. See you there.

Jaye Ike is a resident of Huntington, Marshall employee, and a new member of the Create Huntington Board of Connectors. For more information on Create Huntington, go to www.create huntington.com or join us at Facebook.com/groups/createhuntington. Tax deductible donations can be sent to The Create Huntington Foundation, Inc. at P.O. Box 1187, Huntington, WV 25714, or through our website.