The Herald-Dispatch Opinions RSS 2014-12-17T19:55:17-05:00 urn:uuid:1b4aaecd-a220-4476-a731-f1603094589d Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported), except where noted. Gil White: Agency oversteps bounds on labor regulations The Herald-Dispatch 2014-12-17T00:01:01-05:00 <p> When he signed the bill raising the state minimum wage, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin knew &quot;there may be some unintended consequences,&quot; but I don&#39;t think anyone thought it would be this bad:</p> Editorial: States need to invest in tobacco prevention efforts The Herald-Dispatch / 2014 2014-12-17T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Tobacco products generate huge amounts of revenue for state governments.</p> Diane Mufson: Holiday shopping requires realistic financial planning The Herald-Dispatch 2014-12-17T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Does anyone recall &quot;Christmas Clubs&quot; that were run by banks generations ago? For those too young to have such memories, the arrangement was that each week you deposited a small sum, often a dollar, and after Thanksgiving you received all your money back for your shopping spree. That scenario is so far removed from today&#39;s lifestyle that it seems implausible.</p> Voice of the People The Herald-Dispatch 2014-12-17T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Donate to approved nonprofit group</p> John Patrick Grace: A resolution for 2015: Take care of your teeth The Herald-Dispatch 2014-12-16T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Before we know it, we&#39;ll be hard upon New Year&#39;s resolution time. Here&#39;s one to chew on (literally) and perhaps decide to adopt for 2015:</p> Voice of the People The Herald-Dispatch 2014-12-16T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Paying jurors a fair wage would help</p> Editorial: Help juvenile offenders get on the right track for life The Herald-Dispatch / 2014 urn:uuid:e79788d7-1b2e-47c9-9d97-8ca9e731ae2d 2014-12-15T23:38:12-05:00 <p> A troubled young person&#39;s first brush with the law is a pivotal experience.</p> Editorial: Proposal to aid drug-addicted babies worth a closer look The Herald-Dispatch 2014-12-15T00:01:01-05:00 <p> West Virginia officials&#39; effort to deal with women who expose their children to drugs both before and after they are born is a complicated one that requires multiple approaches.</p> Voice of the People The Herald-Dispatch 2014-12-15T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Piped-in music not appreciated at MU sporting events</p> Editorial: New strategies needed for old housing stock The Herald-Dispatch 2014-12-14T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Almost a third of the houses in Huntington were built in 1939 or earlier. Another 20 percent were built in the 1940s and 18 percent in the 1950s. Add them up, and about 70 percent of the city&#39;s housing stock is more than 50 years old.</p>