The Herald-Dispatch Opinions RSS 2015-03-02T06:17:14-05:00 urn:uuid:1b4aaecd-a220-4476-a731-f1603094589d Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported), except where noted. Voice of the People The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-02T00:01:01-05:00 <p> <strong>America should take military approach to ISIS</strong></p> Editorial: Bill to improve handling of campus sex assaults The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-02T00:01:01-05:00 <p>You might think that young women in college would be more likely to report sexual assaults than other women of the same age.</p> <p></p> Editorial: Perry leaves legacy of leadership, service The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p>Community leaders come in many forms.</p> <p>We have official leaders - the elected office holders, CEOs of area businesses, the heads of large local institutions, the pastors of churches and leaders of civic organizations. Others provide community leadership as "catalysts," providing respected perspectives and opinions that influence our decisions. And some make a difference as "connectors" who bring people together to find their common ground and help move the community forward.</p> <p></p> Doug Reynolds: Out-of-work miners deserve a second chance The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p>Like many parents, Maria and I like to ask our children what they want to be when they grow up. Our middle son, Grant, fluctuates between gourmet chef and coal miner, like has papaw and his Uncle Rick.</p> <p></p> Voice of the People The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p>Everyone must work together to fight drug problem</p> <p>If you are tired of drug abuse and tired of seeing drug deals on our streets, then please help stop this problem.</p> <p></p> Voice of the People The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-28T00:01:01-05:00 <p>Purchase a misuse of taxpayer money</p> <p>There is no way such a small lot, the small store site plus small parking lot and not really in the business center and on a street where many businesses have either closed or moved to 3rd Avenue, is worth $765,000. The purchase of the 4th Avenue property by Marshall University was made with state money, not Marshall's, so apparently the price was "right" as well as unimportant. That the lot will be used as a parking lot in the foreseeable future and does not adjoin Marshall property was also apparently unimportant.</p> <p></p> Thumbs down: Ohio experiences streak of child fire deaths The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-28T00:01:01-05:00 <p>When it comes to fire safety and risks, Ohio is no more dangerous than any other part of the country.</p> <p>While West Virginia and Kentucky residents have an above average risk of dying in a fire, Ohio almost exactly matches the national average, according to statistics compiled by the U.S. Fire Administration.</p> <p></p> Thumbs up: County, state get attention for efforts in nutrition, exercise The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-28T00:01:01-05:00 <p>A breakfast program with roots in Cabell County Schools will have a starring role in a promotional video for a national initiative encouraging children to eat healthier foods and exercise.</p> <p></p> Milt Hankins: Will we be nicer to GOP president? The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-27T12:53:01-05:00 <p> Republicans&#39; and neocons&#39; latest assault on President Obama appears to be that he is either unpatriotic or &quot;does not love America.&quot;</p> <p> &#160;</p> Voice of the People The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-27T00:01:01-05:00 <p> <strong>City not using our tax dollars wisely</strong></p> <p> &#160;</p>