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Voice of the People

Dec. 02, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

No matter who is in White House, God still rules

Many of us were very disappointed with the presidential election results, but it is more disappointing and distressing to observe our society increasingly promoting immorality. We are quickly becoming an amoral society, unconcerned with any moral standards at all.

I believe many of the Obama administration's decisions and priorities are incompatible with the Bible's precepts, and promote this decline. But contrary to what most people think, it is God, not voters, who chooses presidents. Daniel 4:17 says, "... so that the living may know that (God) is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes and sets them over them. ..." Daniel 2:21 says, "(God) ... sets up kings and disposes them."

This doesn't reduce the obligation to vote that rests with religious people, nor does it say God overlooks evil actions of those leaders he "sets up." It simply means that every president serves God's purpose.

Many of us pray for our culture to move toward biblical precepts of morality and authority. God knows what America needs to accomplish that change, and believers should be encouraged that He is in control. Let's pray that our President will recognize his accountability to God, and then govern accordingly.

Jim Coy


Fox News not credible source


A thank you to the writer whose letter appeared in The Herald-Dispatch of Nov. 9.

I read a couple of Mark Caserta's columns and found them so offensive that I quit buying the paper. If I had the paper delivered every day I would have canceled. But I go out every morning for a paper and coffee. So now what I do is check the paper and if I find a column by Caserta, I put it down.

I too wondered where he got the trash he put out as truth. I put it down as wishful thinking. He writes what he thinks and wishes it to be as truth. The letter writer hit the nail right on the head. That trash he spouts is right out of Fox News.

I used to watch Fox until the story about Bush being AWOL from the Air National Guard. The facts proved he was AWOL but Fox lied and twisted the truth so much I just couldn't believe they could do it with a straight face. They even got a man fired. In my opinion Fox News has no morals or integrity. But what can you expect when the owner of Fox taps private conversations with the hope of finding something they can report as news in their trash papers in England.

Fox always ends with "Fair and balanced." Every time I hear that I laugh. Who are they trying to convince? Themselves or me? It must be themselves, because I know they are not.

They remind me of a mean little kid who kicks his cereal bowl off the table into the floor and then sits back and tells his mom "I'm a good little boy." His mother knows better.

Albert Baber




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