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Voice of the people

Nov. 12, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

'Holiday tree' is also offensive

What's with the "holiday tree" story for first responders in the Nov. 7 paper? It's a Christmas tree!

You people have taken this "politically correct" thing way too far. If someone is offended by "Christmas tree," too bad. I'm offended by the term "holiday tree."

Michael Gallagher


Obamacare traces beginnings to fraud

Misguided Democrats and other misinformed Americans are becoming aware that Obamacare is not only unworkable, but that it is also the most pernicious fraud ever perpetuated on the American people. Conceived as the crown jewel of President Obama's plan to "fundamentally transform America," it became the last-ditch effort of a lame duck Democrat majority to rush health care reform into law before a newly elected Republican majority took control of the House of Representatives.

The act was cobbled together by Senate Democrats meeting in closed-door sessions from which Republicans were excluded. A Democrat majority, without a single Republican vote, hurriedly passed it in the dead of night, unread and without debate. The votes of reluctant Democrat Congressmen were garnered by offering them special deals that were nothing short of bribery. A generous Supreme Court upheld the Act, finding that a "penalty" for failing to buy health insurance was really a tax, thus a legitimate exercise of Congress's power to tax, despite Congress's denial of any intention to enact a tax.

President Obama has repeatedly assured the American people that Obamacare would allow them to keep their current health insurance, and would actually reduce their insurance premiums. But the facts are otherwise: Regulations issued under Obamacare have caused and will continue to cause millions of Americans to lose their health care insurance and has already caused a massive 41 percent increase in insurance premiums, plus higher deductibles, making health care insurance unaffordable to many Americans.

We now know that President Obama knew that his assurances were false when he made them. In other words, he deliberately lied to deceive the American people. No lies, deceptions, delays or tinkering will make this fraudulent legislation acceptable to the American people. Like Prohibition, it should be repealed and expunged from memory.

Lawrence L. Pauley




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