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Voice of the people

May. 23, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

GOP is quick to forget its mishaps

I wonder? In Mark Caserta's column on May 16, he begins with "what may be the largest political coverup in our nation's history ..." Of course, he refers to Benghazi.

Has he forgot Watergate, Iran-Contra? Republicans have been trying to forget. Have they forgotten the lies of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Have they forgotten the lies that Saddam was behind al-Qaeda? Has Mr. Caserta forgotten that Republicans vowed from day one not to work for anything Obama wanted, even if they wanted it before Obama proposed it.

They have called Obama Muslim, fascist, communist, socialist, etc. They (Republicans) with their hatred have done damage to this nation and its people. The desire to reclaim the White House has consumed their sanity.

If they do win in 2016 and the Democrats take the same obstructionist policy against the Republican president, then what kind of a country will there be? Do you remember 1861!

Greg Barker

Proctorville, Ohio

Columnist not an authority on Bible

I try to be objective when I read articles from your paper, but there can be no relevance to objectivity when a person is so steeped in an unbalanced and unbiblical approach to life and to our wonderful freedoms in America.

Mr. Hankins wrote in his article recently that he felt the possibility of drone strikes on Americans in America was a good idea. Well, I guess he thinks it is a good idea to bring Osama Bin Laden's son back to U.S. soil and try him in a court of law but not afford Americans the right for trial. And how did the government pay for this terrorist to get here, seeing the financial sequestration that the president is feeling?

It is liberal, anti-biblical rhetoric proclaimed by men like Mr. Hankins that is destroying the very foundation of this beautiful country. I say enough, Mr. Hankins, take another trip, as you wrote a good review of your vacation. But for the truths of God's Word and the freedom we enjoy, please keep your thoughts to yourself.

Charles R. Shaffer


Headline should've focused on wins

I write to show my disgust with David Walsh's coverage of this year's state track meet, in particular the headline covering Jacob Burcham's loss in the 800 meters event. Jacob has had many races throughout his high school career. Not all were wins, but he always gave of his time for the media. For Mr. Walsh to highlight one loss as headline worthy is a slap in the face of all that Jacob has accomplished: 13 state AAA track/cross country championships with another state meet record in the 4x800. But the loss is what Mr. Walsh uses to sensationalize his article.

The winner of the 800 meters, Caleb Riffle, was short-changed with the lack of coverage that he should have received for a hard fought win.

Mr. Walsh has no business covering high school sports. The WV Sports Writers Association has honored Jacob several times, but if this is the kind of sports article they condone, then give us a mailing address to send those awards back. Mr. Walsh you will never be granted another interview. I guarantee that.

Signed, you guessed it, Jacob's proud father.

Michael Burcham




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