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Voice of the People

Jan. 23, 2014 @ 12:00 AM

Solution to help reduce jail costs

One of our counties' biggest problems is the excessive costs of running regional jails. I think I have a solution that can at least partly reduce those costs.

I would like to set up an operation very similar to a boot camp. It would be assigned to offenders that presented no real threat to the public and would allow these offenders to remain at their own homes after established training hours. If they were late or absent for training, they would be required to serve an assigned sentence in the regional jail instead.

Organized classes would be developed to instruct these offenders about what they did wrong and hopefully ways to prevent violations in the future.

Those arrested for a drug offense would be trained in a method that might convince them that drugs are a bad idea and also of what will certainly happen if they are caught one more time. If it were DUI, the same thing for that offense, and so on.

I would recommend a facility such as the vacated Enslow school building on 3rd Avenue be used. The classrooms could be used for instruction and even living quarters if necessary. The grounds might be used for calisthenics as well as marching and discipline drills.

This type of operation would indeed require personnel to manage, supervise, teach and work closely with these offenders, but I believe that we could find many volunteers who would assist at little or no cost to the county. It would save many thousands of dollars in jail costs and provide Cabell County with another important alternative sentencing method.

I am a retired federal law enforcement officer and a retired Army warrant officer who will happily volunteer. I am pretty sure I could find others willing to help on a volunteer basis.

Greg Lawson


Inmate McGuire's death comes too late

I'm glad to read that Dennis McGuire is dead. He had such an agonizing death -- poor thing. I say good riddence to bad rubbish.

Maybe McGuire's family should watch a tape of the young woman he bruitally raped and stabbed to death, knowing that her baby was going to die.

Any money that the family thinks they have a right to because he was treated so inhumanely should go to the family of the pregnant newlywed, Joy Stewart.

It is so sad that McGuire gasped a couple of times before his death. They should have put a bullet in his head and been done with it, inexpensive and no gasps.

I don't live in Ohio and I'm not appalled at what was done to the murderer, but at the time and money it took to reach that decision.

Who cares if he suffered agony and terror while struggling to catch his breath because I doubt if it could have matched what the young woman he killed went through in her final hour.

So be it, he's dead. He should have been in 1989 and not wasted tax dollars on his sorry soul.

Connie Terango




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