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Voice of the people

Nov. 25, 2012 @ 09:35 PM

Police should follow same traffic laws as citizens

I find it refreshing in this day and age of technology that we have laws in place that tell us that we should not text or talk on our cellphone and drive at the same time, as we are a people that have not the capacity to make this most important decision on our own. If you note a tinge of snark or a bit of sarcasm in my tone, brace yourself.

I myself have invested in the hands-free technology, which allows me to use my cell phone safely while behind the wheel because I -- as many do, I am sure -- realize the danger and know people who have been affected by the carelessness. What I find not so refreshing is the fact that the ones in charge of enforcing this law are among the worst perpetrators. I can't tell you how many times, whether municipal, county, or state, I have seen our men in blue either texting or talking on their cell phone while negotiating traffic. These individuals are not only supposed to enforce this law but also be an example. If I can see these infractions, I am almost positive that our impressionable young people can see it, so I fear their attitude is one of, "Well, if they're doing it, I should be able to as well."

I ask you, men in blue, are you above the law? Does the law not pertain to you? What would happen if you were to hurt or kill someone while texting behind the wheel? Would it be dealt with in the proper manner, or would it be swept under the rug? I realize that everything you do in public is scrutinized, but I charge you on this particular subject to think of your actions while in public.

Mike Childers


Williams was right choice for the city

Thank you, Huntington, for voting for Mayor-elect Steve Williams. Steve will be a great mayor and make Huntington an exceptional city!

It was great seeing him and campaigners out holding up signs. Even made the mayor-elect laugh holding my sign out my car window. It was great getting to know Steve since he won the primary in the spring.

I know without a shadow of doubt he will be an exceptional mayor bringing more economic development into Huntington.

Brian Canter


No job should be too small

I have been trying since the later part of June to get someone to my home to make repairs to my gutters. I've contacted numerous vendors listed in the telephone directory for the Huntington area. So far not one of my calls has been returned.

I called one vendor a second time, and it returned my call. I was informed that "they" only did jobs with a $300 minimum and that it would not be to their benefit to make the small repairs that I needed.

With today's economy and people out of work and looking for work, you have vendors such as these that feel it is beneath them to return phone calls or that "they" would not be able to make a sizable profit.

Shame on these vendors! It was the "little jobs" that helped build their business.

Linda Yates


Time to clean up campaign signs

While driving around the Tri-State the weekend after the election, I was struck by the large number of leftover political yard signs from failed national and statewide campaigns. These candidates and their supporters subjected this area to months of negative ads on TV and radio, and these signs merely serve as a reminder of their futility. The campaign is now over.

To these unsuccessful candidates, I implore you to spare us from another negative onslaught. To their supporters who placed the signs along our roads and highways, I say please assume some level of responsibility for your mess and clean it up.

Alec Plymale




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