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Voice of the people

Dec. 03, 2012 @ 06:56 AM

Evolution, climate change are myths to distract from God

After seeing the destruction of parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, I guess some people are wondering what’s going on with the weather.

This may be what’s called the perfect storm or storm of the century, as some describe it, but we have four months of winter to get through. Wonder how we’re going to get through it, some may ask.

We need to realize that man is not in control. Whether or not people believe in global warming or believe in climate change, people need to understand that our creator, God Himself, is in charge. Nobody can change that fact.

We turn our backs on God, you deal with the consequences that follow.

The nation has said we don’t want God in our school or in our lives. The Democrats didn’t want Him mentioned in their party’s platform when they had their convention.

If we deny Him, He will deny us. Don’t believe in a lie that was perpetuated by the likes of Al Gore and others concerning global warming or climate change. Accept truth, reject a lie.

Tell a lie, people die. Tell a lie long enough, people will believe it. Same way with evolution. No truth to evolution either. They are both myths perpetuated on the American people.

Terry Diamond
Proctorville, Ohio

Make time to visit with your elders
 I’m a senior citizen and relate to the article in The Herald-Dispatch on Nov. 26 by Debbie Galuk, “Making the holidays special for the elderly.”

My intentions were to say a big thanks and  expound on her article and beg for all to think of their relatives, friends and neighbors year around. A phone call once a week (a visit is better). Then please LISTEN; they need to talk to someone. You’ll be surprised how interesting their lives have been, and some could still be productive with some assistance. Just ask what they need. Usually something as simple as “Would you please change a light bulb for me.”

While re-reading her article again, I knew I needed to say a really big thanks to my own support system. My wonderful family, friends and ...  you all know who you are.

Most of us become so involved only with the people in our own household we forget those who were there for us as we were growing up.

Those who were there for the normal things plus the specials like birthday, Christmas, wedding and baby gifts as well as the many family dinners prepared. Who was there when you needed a couple of bucks to buy gas (or maybe helped you buy the car or a house, etc.)? 

The few hours you would give during the year would make a world of difference in the well-being of so many who would otherwise have no one.

Make it a HAPPY NEW “YEAR.”

Barbara Harvey
Proctorville, Ohio



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