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Voice of the people

Dec. 06, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

Huntington, MU fans show class

As a proud alumni of ECU and a Pirate football fan, my friend and I traveled to Huntington to witness a wonderful matchup between two great teams.

Even though we lost to the Herd, what we came away with was so much more important.

What we found in Huntington was a community who showed class and an overwhelming kindness and generosity toward two Pirate fans.

This Pirate will be wearing kelly green Saturday in the championship game. Go Herd!

Karen Maddry

Wilson, N.C.

Fracking, cracker different processes

Since consideration is being given to building a natural gas cracker plant in West Virginia, it might be well to ask, "Just what is a cracker plant?" Many people might associate fracking or fracturing with cracker. They are not the same.

Fracking has to do with a process used in the well drilling, and cracker has to do with what has been done to the natural gas being produced. A cracker is similar to what is done with produced crude oil. When crude oil has been produced, it goes through a refining process where various products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene and heavy lubricants are produced.

New production methods used in the process of completing Marcellus Shale wells have resulted in wells producing an unheard of volume of natural gas. This new method includes horizontal drilling of up to five miles in the Marcellus formation and with hydro fracturing done at various sites along the way.

A recent federal report says that the Marcellus Shale gas boom is soaring more rapidly than anyone expected. Many environmentalists are opposed to fracking because they fear the possibility of fractures going vertical and contaminating the ground water. However, because the formations above the Marcellus shale are in a horizontal position, there is little to no possibility of the fractures going vertical through as much as 7,000 feet to get to the surface.

Because natural gas is such a clean burning fuel, many environmentalists originally were in favor of natural gas. Now, because of horizontal drilling and fracturing, there is an abundance of natural gas. For this reason environmentalists have turned against natural gas because they fear subsidies for alternate fuels will decline.

Frank Deem

Vienna, W.Va.

Rahall should be re-elected

Evan Jenkins seems to be relying on people not checking what he says. He wrote in his op-ed column printed Nov. 30 that Nick Rahall "... supported Obama's failed stimulus that sent our deficits soaring. He proudly voted for Obamacare and still supports it today."

Obama's stimulus is a success. Just go online and read for yourself how many diverse groups and media have agreed it has been a success. As for sending the deficits soaring, that is the worst misstatement Jenkins made. My god, he should know better, and I think he does. But, he wants to mislead voters and hope they never look for themselves.

Who says the deficit's shrinking? Even the conservative American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy says it is. But don't just accept what I say, or what Evan Jenkins says; look it up yourself on the Internet and decide for yourself.

As for the Affordable Care Act, yes it's having problems getting going. So did Social Security, so do big changes of any kind. Yes, the Obama administration could have done better, and should have, but that doesn't mean health care for all is a bad idea.

I think Nick Rahall has provided good leadership and should be re-elected. I think Evan Jenkins is trying to mislead voters.

Marilyn McClure




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