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Voice of the people

Mar. 02, 2013 @ 09:50 PM

Landlords face too many fees in city

Dear mayor and other Huntington officials:

I believe the worst day of my life was when I bought a two-story dwelling in the city of Huntington. I pay double real estate taxes plus your city fees due to the mismanagement of the city business. You are proposing to heap more on to the landlords of your city. Where does it stop?

What next, Mr. Mayor, along with the city's B&O taxes and your requirement of a business license for the landlords of the city? I cannot believe it. You talk about us landlords keeping up our property. How about the city property? Who is going to inspect you? What is your argument and dislike for the landlords of your city?

You are not able to collect city fees from your residents so you come after us with a $50 fee tacked on to what we have to pay already. I would like to sell my property and I have tried. No one will buy it.

I do not vote in your city because I do not live there, thank God. But one thing you can rest assured, you would not have been elected on my vote. I guess you think people like me are raking in money hand over fist. Have you checked the price of a plumber, electrician and materials? They are out of sight.

Please collect money from your deadbeat constituents but please try to refrain from trying to collect from people like me because I do not have but just a little left.

Lewis E. Foshee Jr.


Kudos to Fields for fan story

My hat is off to Ben Fields for his excellent article on fan behavior at basketball games or other contests involving young people. Certainly he is right on target regarding fan behavior directed toward officials. There is no place for verbal or physical abuse by fans toward any official.

We need to remember that they are human beings who are not perfect in any way. However, they give of their time and have a love for the game and make every effort to do their best on every time they work a game. There is no reason to believe that they carry a bias toward one team over another.

Basketball games are extremely fast-action events, and calls are often made in a split-second fashion. Having been a basketball official myself, I faced verbal abuse on several occasions. It is easy to criticize if you have never worked as a game official.

Fans must understand that they have a responsibility to control themselves because their actions and words speak loud and clear to others.

Ben, you certainly said it well.

Doug White


Current senator is difficult to reach

Once upon a time there was a Senate office in Washington, D.C., and when you called this office with a concern or opinion, your name and contact information would be taken and the tenant of this office would respond to you. You might not like what he had to say, but you could bet your bottom dollar he would respond.

Now when you call this office with a concern or opinion, no one takes your name or information and what you will hear is "Thanks, I'll pass that on to Joe." Now I know the new tenant is busy, what with his target practicin' and family gatherin's, but it sure is different than the last tenant. I guess he was a "Byrd" of a different feather.

Robert Adkins




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