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Voice of the people

Mar. 18, 2013 @ 10:50 PM

Americans can't give up more rights

This is in regard to a March 3 column by Dana Sutton stating that gun control simply comes down to rights and fear. I live in West Virginia, and guess what? The majority of people I know have guns, like guns and want to keep guns.

The Second Amendment isn't about hunting. It's about the God-given right of the people to protect themselves, specifically against TYRANNY. It is about your inalienable right to own weapons, PERIOD. The people must be vigilant in the fight to keep them in the face of ridiculous articles such as this one and the biased, bought-off media's relentless hand-wringing about why we shouldn't have them. Do they really think a criminal will fill out a background check before he buys a weapon from some thug in an alley? Why should law-abiding citizens be punished for the acts of a handful of lunatics?

How about we talk about societal breakdown, violence in video games, the Hollywood hypocrites who push violence but cry out against guns? What about prescription drugs that activate some of the violent tendencies in those who carry out gun-related atrocities?

Check out the rise of crime in cities like Chicago since strict gun measures were enacted. That's scary. When the people can't defend themselves then crime will rise. If you want to get really scared, look at how our government has gotten out of control. It is run by a bunch of control freaks on both sides of the aisle wanting to tell you what you can and can't do, tax you into oblivion and keep track of your every move. They don't care about the Constitution, either.

We cannot give up any more of our rights or we will have a reason to be afraid, very afraid.

Joe Peck




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