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Voice of the people

Dec. 15, 2012 @ 10:05 PM

Seniors must fight for Social Security

Are you a senior citizen? Do your receive Social Security benefits? This is an alert.

Our government leaders have taken millions from the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for the wars overseas since 9/11. We have given billions of dollars over the years to other countries. They never came to help us in time of need.

It is time seniors stand up and tell the goverment leaders we demand you protect our Social Security benefits. We paid into it for many years. No other country paid back our Social Security Trust Fund.

It is time to speak up. Write your Congress and House reps about how you feel. Sometime down the road, we seniors must join hand in hand and let the leaders know how strong we feel about our future.

I have thought about forming a group called the "West Virginia Rangers Association." I would hope every State in the Union would also do the same thing to get our voices heard by the president and Congress.

May God bless America. And, may God bless us, too!

Don Watts


Democrats played role in economy

I was disturbed about Milt Hankins' response to Bill O'Reilly's personal note to Obama on Nov. 16. Mr. Hankins made a true statement and then failed to center the blame where it belongs. True, "all government spending bills originate in the House of Representatives." What he failed to say is that in the last two years of Bush, the Democrats held Congress and in the first two years of Obama the Democrats still had Congress. During those four years, they passed bills to increase the deficit over $8 trillion. Obama ran under the idea of returning to the surplus years of Clinton (higher taxes), but Clinton had a Republican congress that was cutting spending, including passing welfare reform.

Obama says the wealthy need to pay more and then gave stimulus money to George Kaiser (Solyndra), his number one campaign contributor. He ran on a minor improvement in the economy, but economists know that the economy always has a rebound after a fall. The economy will go up and down if government does nothing, but the regulations that were added under this administration will put a severe strain on decent growth.

Small refineries could not meet the new regulations and closed, leaving us with less refining capacity and higher gas prices (Economics 101). Obamacare was passed with goodies up front and the real cost to hit after the election, and it will be "Katie, bar the door" in January.

Obama says he saved the domestic auto industry, but he must believe the Ford Motor Co. is foreign. Honestly if people really wanted to bring jobs back to America, they would BUY AMERICAN. Over 30 percent of Americans (including UAW union employees) buy foreign-made cars.

Still blaming Bush? Before you blame or give credit to someone, check the facts.

Perry S. Mason




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