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Voice of the people

Dec. 21, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

Stores should open more checkout lines

At this busy time of the year, I am wondering what the managers of two large discount stores are thinking. I have shopped at both stores this past week. One had three registers open, and the other had two. The one did open up a third after I complained, but the other did not even have a "20 items or less" open.

People were lined up in all open aisles and even at the customer service desk.

If they want my business, they have to be prepared to take my money!

Peggy Thompson


Wayne County is taxed enough

Regarding all the recent hoopla over Wayne County's request for a huge new school levy, I would like to say one thing. No.

Nearly all Wayne County Schools are new or like new. Spring Valley is closest to me, and the facilities resemble a college campus more than a high school. When the schools were combined, the "experts" said it was the best thing ever. It is not now, and it was not then.

The kids hate it. The numbers are too big. Too many people and too impersonal. Just to mention a few. But the biggest reason is money. The residents of Wayne County, like much of the nation, are struggling now just to get by. We simply cannot afford it. Read my lips. No new taxes, no new bonds and no new levies.

Wayne County now taxes your car, your house, your dog, your boat, your motor home, your motorcycle, your GOATS and your brain. Not just once but forever. Enough insanity already exists in Wayne County. Enough, I say!

Rich Christian


Officials will only ignore real issue

How dare they? Yet another school shooting and the powers-that-be are wringing their hands and blaming everything and everybody but themselves, as if to say "We've done all we can (except for further restricting the rights of law-abiding Americans)." Hogwash.

When the government wants to protect its own, it knows exactly what to do and spares no expense in doing it. In courthouses they place armed guards with metal-detectors at entrances because they know that signs do not a gun-free-zone make. Instead they herd our defenseless children into a place guaranteed to have no one present with the ability to protect them from evil incarnate.

Officials will try to distract you from placing the blame where it rightly goes: on themselves. Don't let them fool you, if they really cared about children they would do something effective about the problem. Instead they use their tragic deaths to further their own political agenda. How dare they!

Jim Stamm




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