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Voice of the people

Jan. 27, 2013 @ 10:40 PM

Fracking is simply not a safe practice

Fracking safe? Not now, maybe in the future, but for now, no. And in Karst terrain, it should never happen.

Greed is in control.

We are supposed to believe what the gas industry is putting out in commercials. BP oil rig disaster wasn't supposed to happen; they said they knew how to handle a disaster. They lied and so does the gas industry.

Judy McDade

Pickaway, W.Va.

Ban godless teachings to curtail violence

It's interesting that when mass shootings occur, our liberal friends tend to lean toward banning inanimate objects to remedy the problem of people doing awful things. I have a radical suggestion. Has anyone ever thought about banning dangerous influences that can be far more destructive than a certain type of weapon or bullet clips of certain sizes? For example, let's ban the teaching of evolution. For that matter, let's ban the teaching of anything that fosters a godless philosophy in the minds of young people.

I can't help but think that for the young people who have carried out these horrific activities, especially at our schools, someone in their educational path did a magnificent job of convincing them of the validity of things like evolution and other concepts that lead them to godless conclusions. How else are we to believe that they could so coldly and methodically execute their well-thought-out plans unless they were utterly and completely convinced that there was no God to face at life's conclusion and that their lives and the lives that they were about to take ultimately meant nothing?

I know how difficult this would be for a culture that, at this point, can only be described as "a mile wide and 6 inches deep," but should we at least consider it? I also realize how difficult it is for people who believe themselves to be intelligent to adopt such a "fairy tale" solution but at the same time, we can't ban everything. If nothing else, one has to admit how disingenuous it is when we teach children that they and their ancestors descended from animals and yet we are shocked beyond words when they act accordingly.

Mike Midkiff


Fracking not a new procedure

Just want to comment on the poll concerning hydraulic fracturing. This is not a new procedure used in the gas and oil industry. Companies have been fracking since 1947. Whether it is a vertical or horizontal drilling, the fracking is done far below any water aquifer.

Rare casing and cement failures have occurred, but that had nothing to do with fracking.

Teresa A. Perdue




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