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Voice of the People

Mar. 01, 2013 @ 12:01 AM

Boy Scouts must submit to God

I have two premises for consideration.

First: The Boy Scouts have always been religious. The Scout Law says: "A Scout is reverent toward God." Christianity and not humanist centers have built the Scouts into a well-respected institution. Today about 70 percent of Scout meetings are in Christian churches. The Cub Scout Promise is a pledge of duty to God and family.

Second: Christianity has always taken a stance against homosexual lifestyles. History will show that it was Christianity that delivered civilization from the culture destructiveness of homosexual behavior, human sacrifice, cannibalism and human abortion found in Pagan culture. All of these practices are anti-life and Pagan. Christianity delivered western culture from Pagan worship, and with a offer of new life in Christ.

When you ponder both statements above, you must wonder why some Boy Scout leaders want to turn their back on God and Christianity. A proposal to accept homosexual boys and leaders is in no way Christian. It seems that Scout leaders have succumbed to the bullying pressure of Pagan ways.

Liberals believe Christians should change doctrine because others in society have "updated" their views. It is extremely arrogant for liberals to believe that we can just change God-given doctrine. Do they believe that God got it wrong the first time?

Last month lesbians, demanding tolerance, showed intolerance and stripped in St Peter's Square, bullying the Pope while he was preaching to gatherers. Their demand: Change your faith as we say it should be. The arrogance shown by sinners by claiming wisdom higher than God is astonishing.

If we have men writing moral laws, what standard will we use to assure we have it right? Scout leaders need to submit to God and fear him, not change God because they fear men.

Jim Hale

Christian Resource Center



Leaders should talk of climate change

This is an open letter to all elected officials:

Some national Republican leaders say they can't talk publicly about climate change because of political restraints (Sept./Oct. 2012 Sierra magazine editorial).

As a citizen, I want all of my elected officials to publicly speak the scientific truth about climate change and all other ecological issues concerning the survival of life on this spaceship earth.

I want my elected officials to take leadership positions and stand against unscientific and dishonest denial and deceitfulness.

I want to be able to believe, respect and trust my elected officials.

What say you, elected officials?

Barbara A. Lund

Lynx, Ohio



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