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Voice of the people

Jan. 15, 2013 @ 06:38 AM

Cut foreign aid; give more to seniors
For years we have been giving foreign aid to countries that sell us merchandise. Although we are going in debt by a trillion-and-a-half dollars a year under Obama and he can cut the health care of seniors, he still will give away over $56 billion in foreign aid to countries, and an additional $14 billion to train armies, to countries who are against the United States and think nothing about it.

But when it comes to senior citizens we, who have worked all our life and are now on Medicare, he takes away some of the things that are needful for us to live. When you who voted for this man start feeling the cuts and additional taxes that are imposed on us, just look in the mirror and say “I did this to myself.” This time you can’t blame Bush.

Homer Campbell
Ironton, Ohio

What set of morals should we follow?
When taking a stand on abortion, a believer is met with opposition through statements such as, “What right do you have to push your morality on the rest of us?”

Today, there is a vast opinion that morals are subjective, that they are related to an individual’s desires or circumstances.

The irony is most people who denounce Christian morals in turn actively push their own new morals on us. TV shows such as “The New Norm” are perfect examples.

In his book “The New Absolutes,” William Watkins says the Christian absolute on life is: “Human life from conception to natural death is sacred and worthy of protection.” On the other hand, the new absolute of today is: “Human life begins and ends when certain individuals or groups decide it does, and is valuable as long as it is wanted.”

Both of these statements issue a form of morality. One is based on the Bible and who God is; the other is based on human desires. One comes from God’s commands, the other from so-called rights of a person.

This we see throughout our culture. We are told to be “politically correct” on abortion rights, feminism and homosexual rights. Say or do anything which goes against these ideals, and you are labeled morally wrong. If this is not pushing morals on others, then nothing really is.

The issue is really what set of morals should our culture follow? Do we want morals set by every changing, fallible man who is often wrong? Remember, Nazism was politically correct in Germany at one time. Moreover, if human rights shape our morals, will pedophiles be fighting for rights someday?

Our only real option is to turn to a right, holy, inimitable God for our moral values.

Jim Hale
The Christian Resource Center



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