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Voice of the people

Oct. 25, 2012 @ 11:51 PM

W.Va. doesn't need more Rahall

I'm using the term professional very lightly in referencing Nick Rahall, but he is just that, a professional politician. He was first elected to Congress back in 1976. In his mind, longevity must give him some kind of superlative powers over his constituents.

West Virginia is a great state and a place I have called home my entire life. My concerns are many under Mr. Rahall's leadership: too few jobs, too few good-paying jobs, too many burdensome federal regulations, too much federal spending, the promising of anything and everything to the underprivileged and seniors, and the list could go on. Under Mr. Rahall's leadership, the state continues to be last in so many critical categories.

His most recent campaign ad sums up what he is all about. For one he believes as does President Barack Obama in redistribution of wealth. The term that he and his pal President Barack Obama like to use is "fair share." So I guess he is happy to keep us last in all good categories and to receive an accolade for another government handout that he can attach his name.

He continues to align himself with job killers Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid on issues that negatively impact all West Virginians. Ask yourself, what difference has he made while we endure the war on coal, took part in failed stimulus projects and supported reckless unsustainable government spending. I urge you to consider the facts that are supported by history. It is time for Rahall to go. There is no one issue more important than creating jobs for West Virginia and the rest of the country and Mr. Rahall has had 36 years of failure. Enough. It's time for a change, so I encourage you to consider Rick Snuffer.

Barry Mosser


Romney brings proven ability

The time is fast approaching when America must make a choice: (1) whether to rehire as chief executive Barack Obama who, without experience or demonstrated ability, was swept into office on the basis of his likeability and lofty promises of hope and change, but whose only notable achievements during the past four years are that he bravely selected targets for Predator drones and fearlessly ordered Navy Seals to take out Bin Laden; or (2) whether to hire as his replacement Mitt Romney, an experienced and successful businessman (just ask Bill Clinton) who, by wise business decisions, became wealthy, rescued numerous failing businesses, saved the American Olympics program and brought Massachusetts back from the brink of bankruptcy.

When Barack Obama took office, the economy was faltering.

His costly bailout and stimulus initiatives may have stopped the slide, but his idealistic policies have put the country deeper into debt and thwarted economic recovery.

The nation remains on the brink of economic disaster, the national debt is unmanageable, deficit spending continues unchecked, incomes are depressed, unemployment is rampant, our foreign policy is in disarray, respect for America is in decline, and our military might is on the chopping block to pay for unfunded domestic programs.

It is high time we elected a president with proven ability, who is serious about addressing the nation's critical issues while preserving our cherished freedoms.

Lawrence L. Pauley


Grants won't stay if Romney wins

I read in the paper of two different federal grants being awarded in this area. I wondered how much federal money West Virginia was getting. I started back at 2009, but was unable to tweak out the amount because sometimes the money isn't reported right away, so the dates I've provided could be when the money was reported, not necessarily when it was provided. Just Google it.

August 2010: WVU hits a record $173 million in grants and contributions for the year. $30 million from the stimulus package.

2011: WV Bureau for Public Health was awarded $1.8 million to serve the entire state. It was funded by the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.

July 13, 2012: $1.8 million for the retraining of miners who were laid off.

August 2012: WVU got $2.5 million to help obtain and retain jobs for disabled persons. Six WVU faculty members received research grants from the National Institute of Health and American Heart Association to study kidney disease, exercise and obesity on adolescents, and youth driver safety.

Sept. 9, 2012: Grant of $1.8 million to Tri-State Airport for upgrading and repairs.

Sept. 27, 2012: $450,000 to state to support drug monitoring program.

Sept. 30, 2012: $346,515 to support Team Nutrition Goals, arose from the Healthy Hunger-free Kids Act signed into law by President Obama.

Oct. 3, 2012: MSHA given money for FBI training; Marshall University got $257,000 grant for diabetes research.

WV Business awarded $55 million for stabilization and other work on Bluestone Dam.

If anyone out there believes West Virginia will receive grants such as these from a Romney administration, you need to wake up. These kinds of grants are exactly what will be cut to fund his tax cuts for the wealthy.

Susan Aaron


Williams is right choice for mayor

My late husband, Jim Ritter, Huntington City Councilman District 1, was very passionate about our city and the community of Westmoreland. Jimmy and I had many talks during his long illness. He talked about family, our friends and his hopes for our community and city.

Having served on council since the early 1980s, Jimmy had the pleasure of working with many elected officials, mayors and council members. He truly felt that Steve Williams would be the candidate for mayor who had not only financial experience but experience in the business community as well as a vast knowledge of city management. Steve also is very skilled in negotiating with personnel and collaborating with other elected officials both locally and nationally.

Jimmy had planned to write this letter and we talked at length about why he thought Steve Williams would be the best choice to lead Huntington forward. It is with great respect for my husband that I submit this letter and ask you to please vote for Steve Williams for mayor of Huntington.

Norma Jean Ritter



Gillespie II would be good on Council

Pete Gillespie II would be an excellent addition to Huntington City Council. He is a bright, measured, respectful family-oriented man who displays all the best qualities of a Huntington citizen. His soft-spoken demeanor and voice of reason will help Huntington reach its potential. I believe his approach to issues will allow fruitful discussions with other council members that are absent of emotion and focus on the facts at hand.

I encourage both Democrats and Republicans of District 2 to lend their support to Pete in November. I am confident your vote for Pete will give Huntington its best opportunity to succeed.

Nate Randolph


Huntington City Council District 4



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