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Voice of the People

Nov. 01, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

Sport events play inappropriate music

I attended a junior varsity and high school soccer game Oct. 13 at Huntington High School field and was appalled at the music that was played between games. We are not allowed to say a prayer, but we allow music to be played with small children in the crowd that constantly says the F word and constantly used the N word. If I was to to speak the N word out in public, I would be accused of being racist.

Please explain to me why a school would allow this type of music to be played out in the public. The music wasn't fit to be played in a bar, yet it was played over and over in between games and no one made an effort to stop this from being done. I was totally unable to believe that I was hearing this type of music, and at a school function.

Wanda Dickinson

Oak Hill

Buchanan would do well as magistrate

It's not every day that you meet a political candidate who loves God, his family, his community and his country. This upstanding pillar of our community has the best interest in mind for the people of Cabell County. His motto is "firm, but fair," and he applies that mantra to his own life.

If you are looking for someone to stand up for what's right, then please consider Fred Buchanan for Cabell County magistrate. I know I will!

Laura Kilgore


Williams presents bold vision for city

I recently read an article in this newspaper titled "Candidates differ on job growth," which presented the two divergent paths presented to Huntington voters for the city's future by Mayor Wolfe and Councilman Steve Williams.

The one proposed by Kim Wolfe seemed to rely on inertia: due to the development that began before Kim Wolfe took office, Huntington has showed some signs of improvement during the last few years and we should therefore just keep business as usual. This reminded me of a quote: "The only way to ensure failure is to be satisfied with a modicum of success."

Steve Williams, on the other hand, presented a bold vision for a prosperous and growing Huntington, complete with details such as Wi-Fi infrastructure to promote commercial development. If Huntington is going to prosper again, it needs a leader with a vision and a plan to make it a reality. Steve Williams has my vote for mayor of Huntington.

Joe Fincham


Support candidates who are for W.Va.

Hundreds of people will write letters to the editor to support their candidates. This one is different.

Since 2008, several statewide candidates have supported President Obama on issues that negatively affect West Virginia. Among them are Earl Ray Tomblin, Joe Rahall and Natalie Tennant. Candidates Bill Maloney, Rick Snuffer and Brian Savilla are running against them. I believe their intentions to be honorable and have the best interests of West Virginia at heart.

Joe Manchin has successfully stood against President Obama. So this is not a Republican or Democrat issue -- it is a West Virginia issue. In past elections, Tomlin, Rahall and Tennant have won by as few as 2,000 votes!

Some people may think that they shouldn't vote on Nov. 6, since Mitt Romney is expected to win West Virginia in a landslide. I appeal to all voters, Democrat and Republican, not to do this. Your vote will actually be CRITICAL in this election for statewide offices. There are many great local candidates in both parties who need your support as well.

Whether you are Democrat, Republican or Independent, please make your voice heard to ensure that the candidates who represent the best interests of West Virginia, not President Obama, get elected. We deserve better, and we have been played the fool for far too long.

Jeff Davis


U.S. has turned from godly nation

In 1776, our Declaration of Independence was signed, a decree for godly men, signed by men with God and religious freedom in mind. The primary focus on all our freedoms.

Abraham Lincoln stood up for folks that were not free. A war fought for freedom. A Civil War that took many lives of both friend and foe.

John F. Kennedy came to bat and again stood up for Americans who were being discriminated against. Freedom.

This country was founded and fought for freedom with God and religion being the key ingredients. Since then, our elected representatives, presidents, vice presidents, judges, cabinet members, Senate, Congress and we have allowed the dismantling of the Declaration and its godly, honest intents. Simple prayer in public. Democrat Party guilty of removing God from its platform in 2012.

Men and women sat motionless, with tight lips, allowing the destruction of America and the very core values she was founded upon. Several presidents not only sat idle, they lied through their teeth on international television. I'm sure their pathetic dishonesty led to other world leaders not trusting America and its so-called leaders. Would you?

Tears come to my eyes and my heart aches for a country once considered the shining example of a true, godly nation. I hang my head knowing we allowed a few to destroy our Christian nation. I am confident God feels the same way. Such a shame.

Charles D. Sheridan


Nick Rahall knows, understands W.Va.

We should support Nick Rahall for U.S. representative because nobody has worked and shown as much genuine love for West Virginia. This man has protected our state more than any other politician.

You can contact him anytime a problem arises and he will go to bat for you without hesitation. Don't be misled by a bunch of ignorant politicians who don't really care about you or your family.

I have known Nick for years and, believe me, there is no other person in Congress who has the knowledge and understanding of the people of West Virginia.

This man is the genuine article.

Robert Garcia


Economy in ruins; Obama must go

You're fired!

After nearly four years of the Obama administration, I am convinced that the president will say anything, do anything, deny everything and blame everyone to get re-elected.

With our economy in shambles, national debt skyrocketing our nation into bankruptcy, depression-like poverty, food stamp and unemployment numbers, $4-a-gallon gasoline, his EPA and regulatory czars out of control, socialized health care with its added taxes to the middle class, and a foreign policy of appeasement, apology, weakness and huge defense cuts. Is this all the American people get for four years of "Mr. Hope and Change?"

Obama must go. We Americans must put him with his good friend Jimmy Carter in Democrat purgatory.

Greg McKee

South Point, Ohio



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