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Robert Fisher: Columnist is wrong on many counts regarding GOP's actions, intentions

Oct. 20, 2013 @ 11:35 AM

Earlier this month, like some love-struck schoolboy, columnist Mark Caserta lavished praise upon one of the most reviled, bought-and-paid-for Senators to ever hold office, Ted Cruz from Texas, and then the next week he prints lies claiming that the Democrats and Obama started the government shutdown.

Has this man had his head under a rock for the past few weeks, or is he just so filled with hatred for the opposing party that he can't comprehend the truth? Does he not read the papers or watch the national news? Did he not hear Speaker Boehner take 100 percent credit for the shutdown? Did he not just brag about his idol, Senator Cruz, and his filibuster for 21 hours in an attempt to remove funding for Obamacare?

Defunding Obamacare was the driving factor in this government shutdown, but I keep forgetting that Mr. Caserta is a Fox News-watcher and doesn't get the real truth, nor does he want to. All Mr. Caserta wants to do is to convince the public that the Republicans are the good guys and the Democrats, most especially President Obama, are the villians. I am sick and tired of Mr. Caserta being permitted to write anything he pleases, no matter how misleading or untrue, without the newspaper fact-checking him.

It is because of people like Mr. Caserta that this country is so divided and so ill-informed. Because of the consistent barrage of lies from the right, over 35 percent of his party still believe that Obama was born in Kenya, that he is a Muslim, that climate change is not happening, and that dinosaurs never existed, or if they did, it was only 5,000 years ago.

Perhaps Mr. Caserta should tell his viewers what is really happening and how this all came about. Why not go back to the waning moments after the first election of Obama, when a group of Republican political big-wigs gathered together to plot the ensuing roadblocks to his presidency? Why not go back to the time when Sen. Mitch McConnell stated that his only concern as a senator was to make sure that Obama was a one-term president? Forget his oath of office!

Since that time, Mr. Caserta's Republican Party has done nothing but fight every initiative from this president in an attempt to make him as powerless as possible. Where are the many jobs bills brought before the House that could have put millions back to work and that could have rebuilt our roads and bridges? They were tabled by Speaker Boehner and never brought up for a vote. Why? Because it would have made the economy more robust and Obama would have gotten the credit. Can't have that!

These self-absorbed bastions of enmity have led this country on a dangerous downward spiral, yet all we hear from those such as Mr. Caserta, is "Don't believe your lying eyes, it's the president who is at fault."

It's time to remove the pulpit this paper has given Mr. Caserta, to fact-check his blatherings and to relegate his articles to once a month as any other contributor, or better yet, place his articles in the comic section where they belong!

Robert Fisher is a resident of Huntington.



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