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Voice of the people

Oct. 18, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

Obama knows plight of average American

I am one of the 47 percent that Governor Romney spoke of in that closed, $50,000-a-plate fundraiser. He is correct; I won't be voting for him because he is clueless.

He has no interest in me and the other 47 percent of Americans he dissed.

He spoke against many GOP voters, vets and American citizens who have worked hard and now are receiving the fruits of their labors with a government check.

We are not freeloaders gaming the system like he possibly may be doing.

When he and his wife had financial issues, they sold their stock, while the Obamas know the lives of average Americans. President Obama was raised by a single mother who awakened him to study some more before she went to work.

Upon her death, he and sister were raised by his grandfather, a U.S. vet, and a grandmother who broke the glass ceiling at the bank and was promoted into management.

On the other hand, Michelle had a father who worked with MS.

Vote! It is imperative that you get out and vote.

Vote early and then there is no forgetting!

Don't listen to ministers who tell you don't vote or for whom to cast your ballot. That is illegal.

Dawnita Redd


Teach practical uses to keep students interested

Time after time, we hear and read about higher education institutions complaining that students are coming to college not prepared. Does it ever occur to these "educators" that it just might be their fault. After all, the teachers are the product of higher education which is turning out students who are not prepared.

Diane Mufson in a recent column suggested that algebra should not be taught? How about teaching how algebra is used and what it is good for instead of the rote memory that has been taught since I was in college. Teaching is an art that requires a lot of study of the actual subject so that if a student does not "get it" one way, the good teacher has the knowledge to present the concept another way. Far too often it is get it my way or else.

I know a research chemist with 20-plus years of actual chemistry experience who had to attend several "how to teach classes" to get her high school teaching certificate. College spends a lot of time on "how to" instead of gaining knowledge about the actual subject to be taught.

Often a student is left behind not because he or she is a bad student but because the teacher is not clever enough to gain the interest of the student. Teaching is a gift and art, not just a job. Yes, parents are a part of the equation; a good teacher can gain the parents' involvement.

Dr. Ben Carson's mother could not read, yet she was clever enough to get her son interested in a good education. A teacher /mother collaboration resulted in Dr. Carson, head of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins.

Fred Friar




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