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Voice of the people

Oct. 21, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

New ID procedures are ridiculous

I went to the Division of Motor Vehicles to renew my driver's license. I had by birth certificate, marriage license, electric bill, gas bill, two parts of my Social Security card, car registration, insurance card for my car, and even my divorce paper from my first husband, the Social Security card with my name to my first husband and also my Driver's License with two pictures of me on it (which should have been good enough) and was not expired yet. Ten things, all to prove who I was, but was refused my new driver's license.

My Social Security card, which was issued 61 years ago (in 1951) was issued with my maiden name on it, with my married name Adams on it, which was the procedure back then. They made me go back to the Social Security office to get the same name as my driver's license.

I am an 80-year-old widow, not a criminal, just trying to survive. They must have seen I was crippled and caused me all of that trouble, especially when I had everything that proved who I was. I worked at a local factory for 34 years and used that Social Security card. I used it at the bank for 40 years. Now I have to change a lot of things because of those idiots at DMV can't read, are blind or ignorant, or all three. They need to be fired, and hire new people who need a job and would have a little common sense.

Louise Adams


A vote for Obama is a vote for misery

Remember Jimmy Carter, inflation, double-digit interest rates, up to 18 percent on home loans, the Iran Hostage fiasco, all thrust upon the USA, by liberal ideology? A vote for Obama will make the Carter years look like the "good old days."

Anyone who votes for this man to stay in office for another four years will deserve all of the misery that will be unleashed on themselves and their family, for years to come.

Sharon Toler


Another Obama term will devastate country

President Obama, commander-in-chief:

1. Closed coalfields in many states and won't use Alaska's oil fields, complete Keystone pipeline or use nation's abundant natural gas reserves.

2. EPA's overregulations will allow our citizens to be healthier. We may die due to lack of heat or cooler air as utility companies will double, triple our cost. Jobs will be sent to China.

3. All citizens must pay their fair share of taxes. If 50 percent are not paying any taxes, why?

4. Churches' practices are being curtailed as the government dictates what they do regarding birth control, food pantries, abortion, etc. Speaking out against adultery, same-sex marriage, living a Godless life, etc., deems you a hate monger. (Would all Muslim brotherhood stand for this?)

5. All living in the U.S. can vote in this November election as the U.S. Department of Justice has forbidden states to require voter ID, saying too expensive to obtain. (Check Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona and other states.)

6. Our missile defense shield is being dismantled while other countries are increasing theirs. So much for national security. (Go see the movie "2016.")

7. Sequestration effective Jan. 1, 2013, according to Admiral Mike Mullen and General Robert Gates, will be devastating to U.S. ability to protect the U.S. and allies, not to mention, the untold deaths of our brave men and women because they won't have the necessary training, latest technology, needed weapons, etc. (Don't fear, many foreign countries will rush to our defense. After all, have we not given them trillions of dollars borrowed from China?)

If the United States of America continues on the above path, may God almighty have mercy on our souls. (Wake up Americans, open your bibles, read two chronicles 7:14.)

Kathryn Mann

South Point, Ohio

Caserta column misrepresents the facts

In response to Scott Caserta's editorial, I must respond that in your haste to smear the president, you didn't get all the facts. Try this:


President Obama receives his briefings in written form BEFORE the meeting (which isn't really scheduled). If there are questions, he goes, if not, he doesn't. Several presidents have followed this route. It's called using your time wisely.

Joyce Roberson


Litterbugs have no respect for Ritter Park

This is an open letter to those of you who avail yourselves of our very nice park and abuse it by leaving your trash all over the place. Its name is Ritter Park, not "Litter Park."

Do you know how many trash receptacles there are around the park? Well, neither do I, but I know there are a lot of them. Use them. That's why they are there. Have some respect for those of us who also enjoy the park without littering.

I have only two things to say to you litterbugs, "Shame on you" and "Stop it." I also have something to say to Mayor Wolfe, who lives right across the street. A few police bike patrols passing out littering citations might also help. Please don't little Ritter.

Steven V. Seldomridge


Wolfe deserves another term as city's mayor

I believe that you would be doing our city an injustice in not re-electing Mayor Kim Wolfe.

When he came into office, this city was a mess. In the time that he has been mayor, there have been major turnarounds. Let him continue his progress. Re-elect Mayor Wolfe this November.

Vicky Perdue


City has more to worry about than new gun shop

I recently returned from vacation and read an article in The Herald-Dispatch about rezoning a particular building for business purposes, although it's in a residential neighborhood. I've lived in Highlawn several years, and I'm pretty sure that the building in question has been a business before now.

However, I fail to see the difference between buying a weapon at 28th Street and 1st Avenue or going four blocks out 28th Street to 5th Avenue and buying one there at a long-established gun/pawn/jewelry store. This really isn't a subject for major concern, and should certainly not be up for debate in the upcoming elections.

Huntington has much more to worry about than who is selling guns. Perhaps new leadership is the answer.

Ted G. Fizer




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