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Voice of the People

Oct. 27, 2012 @ 12:04 AM

Marshall neglects baseball program

I recently received a letter from the Marshall University Athletic Department asking that I make a contribution to its Vision Campaign. They mentioned that the Vision Campaign is a project to finance the building of new athletic facilities at Marshall. They also mentioned these facilities are desperately needed for Marshall to compete in Conference USA and nationally so the coaches and student-athletes have the very best tools to help them be successful.

My question is, "What about the Marshall baseball team?" If Marshall athletics and Herd fans share a passion to do what is best for Marshall -- for its student athletics, its supporters and for our university, as mentioned in the letter -- they are completely ignoring Marshall's baseball team.

They don't even have their own field, yet a new soccer facility is being built. Baseball has been a sport at Marshall many, many more years than soccer. It's like telling the baseball players they aren't important to Marshall. If the Marshall Athletic Department has a passion to do what is best for Marshall, they should treat the baseball team the same as the other sport teams. Build them their own baseball facility so they won't have to use facilities that are miles away from campus and are not even owned by Marshall University. What an embarrassment!

I invite the Marshall University Athletic Department to meet the great challenge of making the baseball team as important as the other sports at Marshall.

The baseball team and their fans NEED the Marshall University Athletic Department to be involved in building them their own facility!

Louetta Jimison


Stop complaints on double dipping

In the Oct. 3 edition, a letter writer stated "double dipping is costly to taxpayers." My question is HOW?

If someone retires from a job and is rehired, it does not cost anyone more as they would hire someone to fill that job any way. The company would save money, as there would be no cost of training and this would cost less than someone hired off the street. The company would get a trained employee who wants to work and will show up and do their job.

How could this cost the taxpayers? Or any one else. Let's stop complaining about double dipping.

Eddy Stephenson


Law officers get special treatment

First of all, I want to say I admire all police officers for their sacrifices they make daily to the public. They deserve our support and admiration.

But there are some things I don't quite understand. I was on the interstate, doing 70 mph, when I noticed a car coming up in the passing lane speeding. It was a Wayne County sheriff's car, no lights or sirens, going at least 80 mph. He wasn't pursuing anyone, just speeding. The speed limit sign said "speed limit 70," and no exceptions were listed. Why should law officers break the speed limit they fine me for?

Second, I see the Cabell County sheriff's cars parked at private residences all around the county and city. Do we have so many sheriff's cars they can let the deputies take them home? There are three parking garages within two blocks of the Cabell County Courthouse that the sheriff could make a deal to park the extra cars not on duty.

I realize the deputies are on call 24/7, but they are on duty only eight hours a day. The firemen don't take their fire trucks home and the EMTs don't take their ambulances home, so why should the deputies take their cars home? Those vehicles are expensive to buy and maintain, so they shouldn't be used as personal transportation to work and back.

Darrell Anderson


Marshall must take care of faculty

James Joy's Sept. 29 guest column ("MU faculty still waiting for action on pay") is notable for its accuracy and for its implicit note of disgust at the way the current Marshall University administration has "stiffed" its faculty and staff.

As Joy points out, Marshall faculty salaries, always at the bottom of any list of institutions you care to use, have fallen steadily relative to peer universities' salaries since 2005, and Marshall's hard-working staff has yet to see an outdated 2002 salary schedule fully funded. To compound matters, the exploitation of part-time and full-time, non-tenure-track faculty -- all extremely poorly paid and many without benefits -- has accelerated unconscionably.

What's going on here? In simple terms, Marshall's top administrators (all extremely well paid) have adopted the worst practices of American management: plenty of money and perks for management, but as for workers (read: faculty and staff), well, "Let them eat cake!" And such practices are heartily approved of by a Board of Governors who are mainly management themselves.

No far-fetched plan to entice foreign students to attend Marshall is going to solve this crisis. A complete reordering of priorities is what's needed. And that's exactly what the Faculty Senate needs to tell President Kopp -- and in no uncertain terms.

Ed Taft


Professor of English, Marshall

Obama's policies only hurt America

Looking at the Oct. 5 Local Column headlined "It's time for us to stop avoiding the obvious," the writer seems to think most West Virginians are "down" on Barack Obama because of the obvious racial differences between him and the rest of us. In some cases that is true, but as time moved on, a real obvious reason -- no, several obvious reasons -- appeared.

One is his opposition to our coal industry and his apparent willingness to use his office to bring hardship and misery to a people that have had more than their share and need no more. His arrogance and apologies to foreign heads of state, his caught-on-open-microphone comment to Russian President Medvedev about things being easier once he is re-elected, the arrogant way he has rammed his socialist agenda through an altogether too-cooperative Congress, Rahall included, his total ineptness in foreign affairs as witnessed recently in Libya and apparent lies and cover attempts related to this debacle and the gun-running scandals in an attempt to bring "gun control" to the table again.

"Hope and Change?" What we must do is bring about a change and hope it works.

My own sense of history tells me that we had better bring about a change in November if we don't want a Socialist States of America and rancor and division that is much worse than what we have now.

Bob Roller




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