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Voice of the People

Oct. 28, 2012 @ 12:27 AM

Ritters' donation made park possible

It was great to see that Huntington's Ritter Park was named as one of the 10 Great Public Places in America by the American Planning Association. Followed by the article in your Oct. 4 edition was a nice follow-up in the Sunday editorial.

What was missing though was recognition of the generosity of C. Lloyd Ritter and his family for the donation of property for the park. Although it has expanded and developed over the years, without the Ritter family's initial gifting, our city would not be enjoying the park's vast amenities that we so love.

I have had the good fortune of working with the Ritter family for many years, and I am quite thankful for what this family has done for our city.

Sandy Deppner Wright


Wolfe is man of character, sincerity

Kim Wolfe is a man of integrity. I know, because for eight years I learned to know him and proudly call him sheriff. I'm now a retired deputy sheriff, but still remember all the talks we had over the years and how proud I was to call him sheriff with respect.

I didn't know Kim at first, only as a man on a horse who patrolled the city streets of Huntington. But as time went forward and we worked special projects and talked along the way, then I got to know the real Kim Wolfe. His honest sincerity was most intriguing. There is no one who has more love for the city of Huntington than Kim Wolfe.

I still call him sheriff, and I'm proud to do that from the bottom of my heart. He is a true man of character and spirit.

Jerry Waugh


City needs Williams' financial know-how

In the last election, I really thought Kim Wolfe would do a good job, but Huntington is in worse shape than it was four years ago on many city programs. Tom Bell is the only light I see shining at the end of that tunnel.

Steve Williams is educated and has the background to run the city and is showing it with his leadership on City Council's finances. His leadership is being shown by the support with many city employees.

Let's put someone in charge who understands money and how to spend taxpayers' dollars. Steve Williams knows how to put us in the black. Let's support him.

C.J. "Jack" Rickman



State ignores road slip for too long

There is an extremely bad road slip in a section of Wayne County that the Department of Highways has forgotten. It is on County Route 25, Camp Creek Road.

People living in this area have dealt with this for 20-plus years.

I spoke to a lady on her front porch who lives almost directly in line with this "accident waiting to happen." How long has it been since they worked on this slip? She replied "A long, long time."

The only work I have personally seen in the last 12 years is they came out after the last complaint and put down some asphalt over top of asphalt already there.

The Dept. of Highways District 2 was called. Robert Manzel got on the phone and said he was coming out to look at the situation and would get back with me. He did call back and stated the road needs repaired, but that no funds were available and that it was being put on a "To Do List."

An email was sent to the Department of Transportation. I got a letter back signed by Paul Mattox Jr., the secretary of transportation and commissioner of highways. In his reply Mr. Mattox said, "This area has been repaired numerous times over the years with the piling wall and asphalt."

I'm not sure where Mr. Mattox got his information, but the folks in this area know better. One of the folks that works for him out of District 2 told me over the phone that they only have records that go back seven years. So where did Mr. Mattox get his information?

We pay our taxes, and we deserve to get our roads repaired in a timely basis. Looking at the same problem for over 20 years is just not right.

Tom Jackson

East Lynn

Downtown making a strong comeback

Huntington has had strong leadership to overcome its loss of retail businesses and jobs, empty streets and buildings. It's getting there with the men who have worked years to rebuild it.

I moved to Dallas in the '70s and came home for Christmas. The town changed with less and less shops and life. At one time, 3rd Avenue looked like a ghost town. Gone were the shops and stores I grew up knowing. The town was all but gone, only Mack and Dave's and Jim's were the same. No more Wiggins, Style Shoppe, Princess Shop, Walgreen's, packed bus stops; it was all gone. Then slowly it came alive little by little. Change is good only if it's restored for the better.

The men who fought to bring it back are our leaders today. They know how to make it keep growing strong, because they have the experience to do so. The shops are back, and people are enjoying downtown again, thanks to their leadership and faith in our beautiful town.

My vote is to thank them for all they have done to make Huntington grow back and better for us. Men like Bob Bailey and Darrell Black who love our hometown, get my vote! How about yours?

B.J. Spivey


Middle East efforts too costly

Why are we in Afghanistan, or any other Muslim country for that matter?

They hate us. That is obvious.

Think of all the young men who have lost their lives in Afghanistan. Oh, I know that all the politicians think it is worth it. But it is not. Lives are too precious to be lost. Not a single one.

Why do we buy our friends? That is what we are doing when we are sending billions to these Muslim countries. I say stop sending the money and pay down the national debt. Before you know it, we could have a balanced budget.

Call your people in Washington and let them know how you feel. Now. The person who does nothing can expect nothing.

Gene Miller

South Point, Ohio

Obama not fulfilling his promises

Here's why I couldn't vote for Obama:

His taxes are just a start to his ruination of America.

His foreign policies are atrocious. No American president has ever bowed to our enemies except Obama. The media gives the excuse of his being tall. I saw a news clip of him shaking hands, with young children, and not bowing.

He says he would stand with Israel, but his actions don't show it.

He is an eloquent speaker, but his words are empty.

He says he's creating jobs just not fast enough.

He still blames George Bush or the European market for his failed policies.

He made a statement if I can't turn things around in four years it would be a one term proposition. We have 23 million people out of work or underemployed.

He pledged to have a government of transparency and bring the country together. How did he pass Obamacare? What about putting the have-nots against those that have?

He has made the statement that our Constitution is outdated. What does he want to do? Replace it with Sharia law or Communism?

He blames Congress for not working with him. Any time they try to do anything constructive, he has the Senate to block it.

He says that he is a Christian, yet he endorsed homosexual marriage, which God calls an abomination. He does not oppose abortion, which all the true Christians call murder. How can any person that calls himself Christian vote for him?

Our national debt is over $16 trillion. He says his policies will reduce the debt. He says by 2016 our debt will be $25 trillion.

Will he blame that on George Bush?

Gerrol Donivan Blake

Crown City, Ohio


Obama attains many goals in first term


With Election Day approaching, I would like to remind folks of some of the achievements of President Barack Obama. Achievements made despite the stated aim of the Republican leaders that their top priority was to ensure he would be a one-term president, not to save the economy, not to defend the country, not to put people back to work and definitely not to promote the general welfare of the American people.

President Obama inherited an economy that even his predecessor said was heading for a meltdown. Obama's stimulus package helped stabilize the economy. Republicans in Congress opposed a larger stimulus recommended by many economists, and, predictably, later blamed the president because his stimulus did not do "enough" for the economy. Today the Dow Jones Industrial Average has climbed to over 13,000 from a low of 6,547 in early 2009, shortly after President Obama took office.

Prompt action from the president saved the American auto industry and over a million jobs around the country. You may recall Mr. Romney's advice for the auto industry: Let them fail.

Millions of Americans now have a chance for health care. Children and their families can no longer be refused coverage because of pre-existing conditions and can no longer be dropped if they get sick. Young adults can remain on their parents' insurance until they are 26.

Women are now entitled to the same pay as men for the same work.

Combat troops have been brought home from Iraq. Actions against al Qaeda have been aggressive and highly productive. Osama bin Laden and many of his top lieutenants have been brought to justice.

I suspect if George W. Bush had some of these accomplishments on his resume, his supporters would be measuring him for a spot on Mount Rushmore.

Merlyn Marten

Proctorville, Ohio

Mayor commended for swift demolition

I commend Mayor Wolfe for the swift removal of dilapidated houses in Huntington! As these houses come down we will see the downfall of vagrancy, drug abuse, crime, arson and violence.

We need this now more than anything in Huntington in every area of the city that we are trying to "clean up." In turn, then we will be able to rebuild community pride, respect, lawfulness, family wholesomeness and appeal for those looking for a place to live, work and play in peace, safety and harmony.

Thanks Mayor Wolfe. May God speed.

Toni Karle

Cheaspeake, Ohio

Romney is best man for coal industry

Election Day again is here, and I again beg the good people of West Virginia to think and listen to Sen. Manchin as he represents all of West Virginia, both Republicans and Democrats.

If you will watch Fox News and others, you will and should listen to him when he says "forget your politics and vote for your country and West Virginia.

Think about what Obama's group would do with our coal that means so much for West Virginia coal miners, their families and all the citizens of the state. Thank you and vote for Romney.

Ruby B. Steffen


Presidential election is not a race issue

Panicked claims by Democrats that Republicans are racist if they don't support Obama and his policies are ludicrous and clearly shows they are the loony, intolerant racists.

National Dems and local extremists like Milt Hankins and John Patrick Grace always inject racism into the ring when they're losing and want to deter some of the less knowledgeable among us from facing the facts.

It is the epitome of racism when in reality over 90 percent of black Americans will vote for Obama.

I personally don't care what color his skin is. He could be blue, green or purple, but because of his extremist policies and subsequent failures, all I see in him is pink and red. That's right, pink for his pinko commie socialistic views and actions and red from the $16 trillion in debt and still growing deficit with absolutely no improvement in the economy.

When Democrat voters in West Virginia had a chance to vote in the primaries, they only had a choice between a felon in the Big House and Obama in the White House. In November, unless you are an intolerant racist, it will be an easy choice to put a successful businessman like Mitt Romney in the White House.

Sam Hogsett

Crown City, Ohio

Williams is right for City of Huntington

I got to know Steve Williams while working together years ago in Chicago. It was at that time that I began to become friends with this guy with a southern accent and a passion for his hometown of Huntington.

Steve and I worked together as managers in a large investment program. He was a perennial leader who not only was good at what he did, but enthusiastically cared about the people whom he worked with and who worked for him. He was a strong leader who was not afraid to make hard decisions, with a long-term outlook and approach to everything he did. Steve's leadership attributed to much success for his team. No matter what was going on, the weekends meant one thing. He got to go home, put on his green and be where he was truly home. While I commuted as well, not nearly the distance he did. Faith, family, Huntington and Marshall were what made this man.

I was delighted a few years later at a different firm when they introduced the new manager from Huntington. I considered myself very lucky to be able to work with Steve again.

Today is a different time, and Steve's calling has changed. I have no doubt that the right candidate for this race is Steve Williams. Having worked with Steve all over the country, I know there is no place for him like Huntington. Huntington is blessed to have such a strong leader come home to his native town. Steve will be a fantastic leader given the opportunity.

His experience in business will do Huntington well, as I have seen Huntington build the character of such a great man. I encourage you to vote for Steve Williams for Mayor of Huntington.

Jeffrey Williams

Marblehead, Mass.

Social programs should be preserved

Jesus commanded us to take care of "the least of us." When I go to the polls to vote, I look for the candidates that support tax dollars for "the least of us." Social programs are far more important than corporate welfare, tax cuts for any Americans and other programs benefiting profit-making enterprises. Our seniors paid for and depend on Social Security and Medicare; the disabled require assistance, for the "Grace of God There Go I"; hungry children require food; the working poor, someone has to do those jobs, require affordable health care; and miners deserve black lung benefits for working in an environment that damages their health.

There are many more deserving Americans that need our help and if you are a Christian, you should be willing to give it. Greed is a sin! All I seem to be hearing from some conservative Christians nowadays is how the liberal politicians are allowing the "least of us" to suck the life out of this country. They need to remember why social programs exist; churches and families did not step up and take care of the "least of us" so the government did. Please vote for Jesus' "least of us."

Karen Nance


Women should exercise right to vote

It is unbelievable that Shelley Moore Capito recently spoke at a "Women of Influence" program on the 92nd anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. Representative Moore Capito voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. Essentially, this is a move that would have been an utter setback for women and civil rights. It astounds me that many women don't even know who Lilly Ledbetter is or what she means to all working women. Thank God, Representative Moore Capito was outnumbered!

One issue Shelley and I agree on is "choice." She is on the record as "pro-choice," yet seems to portray herself as "pro-life" to her constituents. Rape, incest or life-threatening circumstances still warrant "choices." Many say they desire smaller government, yet would dictate our "choices" -- only our creator may critique. He gave us the gift of free will.

Our "foresisters" fought bravely for women's rights in every venue. It saddens me that today those "gifts" born of sacrifice and accepted as mainstream by many may be lost due to indifference or false security. Not that long ago, women were not even allowed to work when pregnant or have maternity leave. "Stepping backwards" is not acceptable.

Beware television commercials, forwarded emails or those who would speak loudly, yet never vote! Make your own choice, carefully research a candidate's platform and check media information on a nonpartisan web site like: www.factcheck.org. Women are moving closer to equal pay for equal work. Six million of our children/young adults now have insurance without pre-existing conditions. Please don't be guilty of accepting services and then voting against those from whom you subscribe.

Ladies, your vote still counts and you can make a difference! Vote intelligently!

Catherine F. Hensley


City needs Williams' business success

If you are looking for the man to move Huntington forward with a proven track record of business success and experience in city government, then you need to vote for Steve Williams for mayor on Nov. 6.

Having served as chair of City Council's Finance Committee, he is prepared to work with businesses and citizens to help Huntington not be a place to pass through but a place to come to.

Sandra Clements


District 5


Romney not perfect, but best choice

Dear Ohio voter, you have within your power the ability to change the course of our great country. When you go to vote on Nov. 6, consider these questions:

Do I want to continue adding to the national debt, which has grown to over $16 trillion, over $5 trillion of which came during the Obama administration? Do I want to encourage the "entitlement" mentality that has seen the number of people on food stamps rise from 32 million to 47 million over the last four years? I am 100 percent committed to helping those with TRUE need. People lose their self-esteem and self-worth when they are not expected to work.

Do I want to support a party that booed during the DNC when they finally accepted the words "God" and "Jerusalem" into their party platform? (How can people expect God to bless them when they turn their backs on Him?)

Mitt Romney is far from a perfect man, but he is the right man to lead our country at this crucial time in history.

Tony Edmonds


Biden's rudeness is reflective of party

Vice President Biden's rudeness is just like the Democratic party's platform: reject God, but play him to the hilt when it suits your fancy. His arrogance in the vice presidential debate turned many women and men off on his party, as he showed no respect for anyone who has a different view.

The moderator never called him down when he interrupted Paul, but just let him rant and show his disdain for the whole process. So if the Democratic party is your party and you respect Biden for his antics, we true Americans have no place for this.

Have fun voting for this liar. His statements on not knowing about the attack on the compound was a blatant lie, like so many of his statements.

Homer Campbell

Ironton, Ohio



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