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Voice of the People

Nov. 02, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

Romney, Ryan aren't right for U.S.

I hope people are thinking right by now and won't vote for old grinny face Romney or baby face Ryan. He was scared to death during the debate. He didn't know what to say. He kept looking at Obama for help.

Obama was very polite and acted like a real gentleman where Romney had a scared look on his face.

He backed up on everything he had promised. He copied Obama.

Romney acts like a chicken. He wakes up to a new world every day, and Ryan is too young to be around much. He is probably home changing his diapers.

Any middle class person who would ever think about voting for them deserves all the bad luck they are going to get.

Obama had to straighten out old Bushwhacker's mess, and he still has more to do.

Bush couldn't even get bin Laden. It took Obama.

I just hope you all sit down and think real hard if you are on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. Hold on to them really tight. Romney is after them. The rich old codger hates poor people. If you are rich, you are OK to him.

So please use your head, vote Democratic. Let's send Romney back to Massachusetts where he belongs in his rocking chair until time to go out and play on his yacht with baby Ryan.

Charlotte Marsh

Proctorville, Ohio


Phipps would serve well on city council

Although I don't live within the city currently, I felt it necessary to talk about the candidate for District 4 City Council, Steve Phipps.

Steve Phipps is a lifelong resident of Huntington who has the drive, the desire and the ability to help revitalize Huntington. He is against privatization of services. He believes that the money and the jobs should stay here.

The one thing that we need in Huntington is new blood on the City Council. Steve Phipps is the one who will think outside the box and help to create a better city. Steve Phipps is the one with the knowledge and ambition to work with the council and the new mayor and make things happen.

Steve Phipps is about collaborating with the resources we already have (Marshall University for one) to bring our city computer system up to date, so that, like many other places, you can pay your city's bills or apply for licenses online.

So on Nov. 6 when you go to the polls, please remember Steve Phipps for District 4 City Council.

Deborah Carter



Know religion of those you vote for

I wonder how many people know the history of the Mormon Church. I did not, and I searched on my computer and found all kinds of information.

Did you know that a 14-year-old boy in New York in 1820 began pondering deeply and going into the woods to pray to God to guide him to the religion that was right? As he was praying, a bright pillar descended over him. Two persons stood over him and one spoke to him by name pointing to the other and saying "This is My Beloved Son, Hear Him."

The object of the 14-year-old boy named Joseph Smith was to inquire of the Lord which of all the religious sects was right so that he might know which to join. He was answered that he must join none of them, for they were all wrong and their creeds were an abomination. Mormons refer to this as the First Vision. Three and one half years after, Joseph Smith was visited by an angel who announced himself as Moroni and told Joseph of the existence of a record engraved on golden plates which were buried in a hillside near his home and it was his responsibility to obtain these golden plates and translate the contents. It was several years later before he began translating the golden plates using Urim and Thummim, two stones which had been buried with the golden plates and which had been used by ancient biblical prophets to comprehend revelation.

Well, I wonder how many people, especially church people, knew this and much more. Just search history of the Mormon Church. You should also read some of the Mormon Bible that was finished in 1829.

You really should know whom you are voting for.

Hal Endicott



Wolfe proves he is a good manager

I am a management graduate and have seen what many people have not. Mayor Wolfe is a good manager. He's put into place good people who are the hidden life of the city.

He's been a tremendous supporter of the Highlawn district, caring for all the people who need his help. He has never asked for accolades. He knows that neighborhoods are the tax basis of Huntington.

Finally, you have just seen Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, a Democrat, and mayor Kim Wolfe, a Republican, work together for the good of Huntington by destroying uninhabitable structures.

Mayor Wolfe loves Huntington. He will not make promises he is unable to keep.

Susan Gillette


Coal, not race, is the focus of election

A recent article by a local retired minister said the people of West Virginia and Kentucky were racist because they did not support President Obama because he was a black man.

The people of West Virginia and Kentucky did not support President Obama because his stated economic policies would harm these states and would cost them jobs. Coal is a basic component of these states.

President Obama even said, "You can build coal fired plants, but it will bankrupt you."

This retired minister also said that neither Richard Nixon nor Bill Clinton brought the disrespect that rained down on President Obama. Well, Richard Nixon was impeached and removed from office and Bill Clinton was impeached, although found not guilty.

Because of President Obama's negligence, lying and cover-up about the terrorist attack on the American Embassy in Libya on Sept. 11, which resulted in the murder of four Americans, this president should also be impeached and removed from office.

So, retired minister, I say, "Don't call people racist because they don't vote the way YOU vote."

William E. Huron

Chesapeake, Ohio

State needs new ideas, experience

A proper mix of experience and new ideas for solving problems is a formula for success! If we continue to cast our votes for the same candidates, then chances are, the forthcoming results in West Virginia will be the same.

While we have some excellent representatives in our state Legislature, we need the ideas and enthusiasm of candidates such as current delegate Doug Reynolds and candidate Sean Hornbuckle. These men are well prepared to help move our area and state in a positive direction.

By voting to send these candidates to represent us in the Legislature, we are helping to make sure that our beloved state of West Virginia has a much improved chance to reach its potential.

Joseph L. Williams




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