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Voice of the People

Nov. 03, 2012 @ 12:18 AM

GOP hasn't helped with nation's debt

Of all the snappy sound bites Mitt Romney and his surrogates on certain cable "news" programs like to toss around, one of my favorites is "job creator," as in you can't tax the job creators if you want the economy to improve. It's one of the easiest Romney election myths to debunk.

When George W. Bush inherited a budget surplus and a reasonable tax rate from Bill Clinton in 2001, Bush and his Republican Congress slashed tax rates, arguing that the government shouldn't have a surplus in its budget. They could have done something intelligent with the surplus, like paying for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or reducing the national debt, but they chose not to. Instead they borrowed more money to pay for the wars and make up for the loss of revenue due to the ill-advised tax cuts. Of course Republicans have belatedly come to realize the debt is a national problem, now that Mr. Obama is in the White House. They were less concerned about it under Ronald Reagan and George W.

It was disturbing how so many of Mr. Bush's advisors and supporters were so eager to send our young men and women to fight a war, yet so reluctant to dig in their own pockets to help pay for it. After eight years of lower taxes, the American economy was heading for a meltdown and unemployment was skyrocketing. Surely if lower taxes on the "job creators" actually created jobs, everyone in America who wanted one would have one.

Mitt Romney has now filled his campaign ranks with many of the same neo-conservative ideologues whose sole concept for economic recovery is to lower taxes. At least they are consistent. If you have a surplus, cut taxes; if you have a deficit, cut taxes.

Merlyn Marten

Proctorville, Ohio


Williams shows his commitment to city

On Nov. 6, Huntington residents will be asked to make a decision that will no doubt have an impact on the future of our city. As a Huntington native, a Marshall grad and a parent who has chosen to raise three children here, I have many reasons to be concerned about the upcoming mayoral election, and I'm writing in support of Democrat Steve Williams.

He has experience in government as a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates and as a former city manager, and his seat on City Council for the past three years ensures an understanding of the issues our city currently faces. He also knows what it means to participate in the business community and in civic leadership.

More important to me than those roles, however, is his role in the lives of those he cares about. I'm proud to call Steve a friend, and I know how much the future of Huntington means to him personally.

His commitment to this community is unmatched. Please consider giving Steve your vote on Nov. 6.

Mary Lauren Weimer


End Huntington's residency mandate

Citizens of Huntington, please consider a vote of YES to end the city residency requirement. This Charter provision needlessly limits the pool of qualified applicants for all positions in the city. No other top employers in the city have such a requirement, including Marshall University, Cabell and Wayne counties, the Corps of Engineers, our county school systems and our private employers.

For example, if all employers imposed a residency requirement, a Westmoreland resident could never teach at Central City Elementary in Cabell County and no Huntington resident could be employed at Special Metals, which is located outside the city limits.

Please put the City of Huntington on an even playing field with other employers in town and vote YES.

Deron Runyon


City finance director

Bailey always ready to solve problems

I am writing this letter for one reason, to point out something Cabell County residents should already know. Commissioner Bob Bailey has always made himself available to the residents of Cabell County. Bob Bailey always returns phone calls, will talk to you about any issue large or small and do his best to resolve any problems.

From being a high school coach, teacher, and throughout his public service career, he has always been Bob Bailey. Please keep him in mind on Election Day.

Joe Hutchinson


Raese, Snuffer will vote pro-life issues

In the past elections, we've distributed thousands of pro-life literature to help elect Sen. Joe Manchin and Congressman Nick Rahall. However, Rahall sold out his pro-life supporters when he voted for monstrosity ObamaCare, which will increase abortions by the thousands and definitely will ration healthcare for our senior citizens.

I will no longer support Congressman Rahall, but ask you to support his opponent candidate for Congress, Rick Snuffer. Congressman Snuffer will vote to overturn ObamaCare and not use our tax dollars to support Planned Parenthood.

Sen. Joe Manchin sold out his pro-life supporters as well. He voted not to repeal Obama-Care and voted against blocking funding for ObamaCare, knowing abortions will increase by thousands and senior citizens will have rationed healthcare. Mr. Manchin also voted not to defund Planned Parenthood. This organization kills over 330,000 pre-born babies every year.

I urge you to vote for John Raese and Rick Snuffer, as they will vote to repeal Obama-Care and defund Planned Parenthood.

George Wallace


Buchanan would be an asset to courts

I am proud to endorse and ask you to consider voting for Fred Buchanan for Cabell County magistrate. He is a dedicated worker for law enforcement, having served the Cabell County Sheriff's Department for 32 years prior to retirement and then continuing to work as a security officer at the Cabell County Courthouse. He is fair in all decisions that he makes regarding the rights of others.

He is active at Madison Avenue Christian Church and American Legion Post 16 in Huntington. As a Navy veteran, Fred works for the rights of veterans in our area. He has volunteered at the Huntington VA Medical Center and works on the state level to assist the American Legion in protecting the freedoms that we all enjoy as Americans.

He would be a great asset to the court system in Cabell County. Remember No. 6 on Nov. 6.

Ann Buchanan


Davis would bring fresh ideas to House

As Election Day draws near, I would like to voice my opinion concerning Mike Davis, who is running for House of Delegates, District 16.

Mike is a man of integrity, a devout Christian and a devoted family man. He will serve his district and state faithfully and bring fresh experience and ideas as a representative to the House of Delegates.

Vote for Mike Davis on Nov. 6.

Sherry Walden




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