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Voice of the people

Nov. 04, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

Williams will put citizen safety first

A recent letter writer about the mayoral race stated that "Mr. Williams is likely to side with the firefighters union." Although he did side with them, he saw the staffing shortage as a SAFETY issue for the citizens of Huntington along with the funding already being in the budget.

The writer then leads everyone to believe that Police Chief Holbrook was hired and supported by Mayor Wolfe. Chief Holbrook was hired by previous Mayor Felinton and was doing an outstanding job when Wolfe took office.

The writer went on to say the mayor addressed major problems in the Fire Department with the appointment of Chief Moore. Moore had budget overruns of $200,000. As for Moore's incredible record in Virginia, Moore only worked in a station for four years before transferring to the training division, where he spent the next 20 years and had no record of achievements. As I stated in my exit interview, I was retiring before this administration killed someone.

As a 50-plus year citizen of Huntington, I will vote for a man who has the best outlook for the citizens of Huntington, Steve Williams.

Carl Eastham


Retired HFD captain

Wolfe has exceeded his goals as mayor

I ran against Kim Wolfe for sheriff in 1999, and I got to know him well during and after the race and my opponent became a good and honest friend.

When the city of Huntington was on the verge of bankruptcy and overrun with crime and filth, he stepped up and ran for mayor. I not only voted for him, but actively promoted his candidacy, and he has not disappointed our faith in him. When he ran four years ago, our goals were a safer, cleaner Huntington, and he has far exceeded those goals with a 60 percent reduction in violent crime, a much cleaner city and a revitalized business community with 600 new jobs and major tax reforms, making the city more attractive, even attracting the film and television industry!

Kim is a graduate of Marshall University, and has served our community throughout his lifetime, first in Vietnam, then on the Huntington Police Department and as sheriff of Cabell County. He also served on the U.S. Anti-Terrorist Advisory Council, the Advisory Committee of the National Task Force on Community Preparedness and Response, and the Appalachian HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) Executive Board. He brings an extraordinary skill set to the office of mayor, and we are extremely fortunate to have him at the helm.

His ability to bring various entities together to work as a team is unmatched, and I encourage everyone to keep the momentum going and not change coaches in the middle of a winning season.

Red Dawson


Williams will bring leadership to city

To be a leader, you must show others that you are confident of what you are doing, be persuasive about your opinion and convince others to follow your path. Leadership is lacking in the Huntington Mayor's Office.

Having worked with Steve Williams the past four years on the Huntington City Council, I have concluded that he is the mayor we need leading our city forward.

Steve will be a true strong mayor, a leader, a visionary.

Steve understands government operations, supervising employees, balancing a $40 million budget by living within our means, infrastructure opportunities, and building relationships in the business community.

It is time that we demand an exceptional Huntington!

Please vote for and support Steve Williams as the next mayor of the City of Huntington.

Mark A. Bates


Huntington City Council

Crawford has the skills for magistrate

When choosing the next magistrates in Cabell County, we as voters have the choice of one candidate who stands out in his qualifications, reputation for high moral standards and impeccable degree of integrity. J. Larry Crawford is the man we need to put into office, for he has 30 years of experience working in both the federal and state courts. Coupled with his bachelor's degree from Marshall in criminal justice and his experience in leadership as a probation supervisor and a headmaster of a private Christian school, he will demonstrate he can exercise professional and unbiased judgment when rendering decisions in all cases in the magistrate court.

I know what I am speaking about, for this man is my father. When I was growing up, he taught me how to act and behave and how to do the right thing even when no one was looking. J. Larry Crawford is an honorable man who will treat everyone fairly no matter who they are or their status in life. A vote for my father is one you can feel good about.

Karen Salters


Wolfe is worthy of second mayoral term

I have known Kim Wolfe for roughly 30 years, and I am writing to encourage the Huntington community to keep him as mayor of Huntington. Kim has devoted his life to serving others. He served America as a Vietnam veteran in the U.S. Navy. Upon his return, he served the city of Huntington on the Huntington Police Department for 26 years. He next served the citizens of Cabell County as our sheriff and now continues to serve his community as mayor of Huntington.

During his first term as mayor, crime has dropped significantly, and according to the FBI, Huntington is now the safest it has been since 1985! When Kim took office, the city was on the verge of bankruptcy and receivership, and Kim has revamped the city's pension system, not only saving the pensions of its retirees, but saving the city millions of dollars in the future. The manufacturing tax has been eliminated and the B&O tax cut in half. Working with Governor Tomblin, the National Guard, the U.S. Attorney's office and the Department of Corrections, 54 dilapidated and dangerous structures were demolished in 30 days. Since Kim took office there have been 130 structures demolished from the cityscape, reclaiming the land for future productive use.

His character and integrity are unquestioned, his commitment to unselfish and effective service is proven, and he is worthy of your vote. I encourage my fellow veterans and those who appreciate service, sacrifice and true leadership to re-elect Kim Wolfe mayor of the city of Huntington.

Hershel "Woody" Williams

Ona Medal of Honor recipient

Christians should vote Obama out

I wish to say that ever since I was a young man, 16-years-old, I knew that the liberals, socialists and commies were great liars. In my wildest dream I never imagined that I would ever see or hear a bunch of liars bigger than Bill and Hillary Clinton, but Barack Hussein Obama and his gang from Chicago, Ill., have them beat.

I have heard more than one person say that a political party's platform doesn't mean anything to them. I want to make it clear that it means very, very much to me when I vote for any candidate. I think it is time for all you Christians to go vote on Nov. 6. Let your voice be heard loud and clear. We the people can fire Obama like he fired Mr. Wagner, president and CEO of GM.

Clyde Manyard

South Point, Ohio

Romney family lacks military service

This is for Mitt Romney, the foreign policy hawk who avoided military service during the Vietnam era by using a Mormon mission to France and several school deferments. Here is how you earn my vote.

Sometime between now and Nov. 6, convince one or more of your sons to join the armed forces and volunteer for duty in Afghanistan. You will then have a dog in the many fights that you are proposing.

Steven V. Seldomridge


Williams has more experience, expertise

The city of Huntington is fortunate to have two first-class and community-minded individuals running for mayor. In the past, I have supported both candidates in their seeking of public office. As a registered non-partisan voter, I am not tied to any party, thus I determine my vote based upon the qualifications of the candidate.

In the 2008 election I supported our current mayor, both privately and publicly, because I felt that he was the best person for the job at that point in time. However, this year, in comparing the qualifications of the two candidates, I support, and encourage your support, for Steve Williams.

This is based upon his experience as a former economic development director, city manager, delegate in the State Legislature, a businessman in the financial community and, currently, his excellent performance as a member of Huntington City Council. This wealth of experience and commitment is what's required to move our city forward.

Huntington has numerous problems/concerns now, and in the foreseeable future. Steve Williams' overall experience, in these areas mentioned, will allow him to be most effective as mayor in addressing these problems.

Joseph L. Williams


Logan mayor endorses Wolfe

I am the Democratic mayor of the city of Logan, W.Va., and I am writing to lend my support to Huntington Mayor Kim Wolfe's re-election campaign. His "do the right thing" modus operandi transcends party politics and takes leadership to a higher level.

For the past four years, we have worked closely with Mayor Wolfe and the West Virginia Municipal League, with Mayor Wolfe providing strong partnership and leadership with many of us throughout West Virginia.

We are a small town, and Mayor Wolfe helped us tremendously with a number of issues. He even personally came along with other members of his church and shoveled mud and debris for hours on more than one occasion during cleanup efforts following our devastating flooding. He also coordinated emergency services for the mayor of Chapmanville and his family following the serious injury of their son, who was a Logan firefighter and later died.

I would strongly suggest that the city of Huntington would do well to keep Mayor Wolfe, who has built strong relationships throughout the state and is leading a movement for positive progress, lighting the way toward pension reform, land bank legislation and other innovative approaches of addressing fiscal challenges, helping cities avoid bankruptcy.

A change of leadership in the midst of the current positive momentum in Huntington would negatively impact that momentum, not only in Huntington but throughout the state and, in my opinion, would be a serious mistake.

Mayor Serafino Nolletti


Williams has vision for Huntington

As a board of directors member of the Marshall University Letterman's Club (M Club), I have worked with Steve Williams on numerous committees and activities for many years. Steve is now the president of the organization and is doing a wonderful job.

Steve Williams is well organized and establishes goals. Through his leadership skills, the club has grown and prospered, and he definitely is a "people person." He has vision for future plans and objectives to attain.

Through Steve's vision, experience and leadership skills, Huntington would be proud to have him leading the city as the new mayor. He is an outstanding candidate and deserves your consideration on Nov. 6.

Terry Childers

Chillicothe, Ohio

Vote for Spurlock, write-in for governor

I am asking you to consider Barbara Lynn Spurlock as a write-in candidate for West Virginia governor. Does she have any political experience?

Yes, in the the area of the medical field, as Marshall University student health nurse for nine years. She has been involved in the politics of organized religion for over 30 years in some of the largest churches within the Huntington area.

Ms. Spurlock has been involved with the Huntington City Council, which governs the Westmoreland area of this city but is located in Wayne County. For seven years, she has been active within a committee to save her community from a coal barge mooring facility along the Ohio River.

She has not held an elected office nor been a candidate for political office. This means, in her words, "No public office holding experience is not having experience with or in political corruption."

Ms. Spurlock is a Christian, pro-life, anti-abortionist, anti-same sex marriage, pro-natural/normal family, pro-coal and natural gas industries, anti-EPA, pro-natural resource production, favors promotion of tourism, keeping dollars in our state's coffers instead of taking them south, more restrictions on storage facilities located outside of incorporated areas, favors more exits off and on highways for more economic growth, higher pay for nursing/medical field personnel and public education employees/teachers in particular! She favors monitoring both the medical and educational fields as to keeping their job level at a high standard.

I am asking you to consider who you are probably voting for Nov. 6. How much political "experience" do they possess? Ms. Spurlock has none and is not controlled by any party system that is currently destroying our American way of life, especially by those who are representing us citizens in Washington, D.C.

Gary P. Adkins


Vote 'no' on change to residency rule

The are three proposed changes to the City Charter to be voted on Nov. 6.

In a nutshell:

One is to remove the requirement of a central motor pool for city vehicles. I see this change as good. For this I urge you to vote "Yes."

Another is the requirement for the city public works director to have a first-class engineering degree. With the city now bidding out work that needs this accreditation, this Charter requirement is no longer needed. Again, I urge you to vote "Yes."

However, the third and final item for City Charter change is the residency requirement. This mandates that all city employees live within the city while employed by the city. This should remain in the City Charter.

It seems extremely unfair to require those Huntington residents on Social Security to pay all the municipal fees so that a selected few employees can reside outside the city limits of Huntington and pay no city fees. It is my understanding that more than half of city personnel live beyond city limits.

The reasoning for dropping the residency requirement is "we get a better qualified employee by opening the gates to the surrounding area." Well, one could reasonably assume that if that is the case with city employees, the same should hold true when considering City Council members.

When City Council and the administration positions are also open to area-wide choices, then, and only then, should this rule of the City Charter be changed. We urge you to vote "No" on this change.

Ray Browning


Logan clerk endorses Wolfe

I am the city clerk in Logan, W.Va.

I am writing to support Kim Wolfe for mayor of Huntington. Kim has been a great friend of the city of Logan. He has gone above the call of professional leadership numerous times and also stood by us during the floods, in which he came and physically helped people who suffered here, as well as any obstacle we have faced along the way.

I will never forget him standing by Mayor Jerry Price and Marlene Jeffrey Price of Chapmanville in the tragic loss of their son Cory, our city of Logan firefighter. There are not enough things I can say about the true character of this man.

You are not just electing a mayor, you are asking someone to stand by you and with you when times are hard, not just to take the glory when times are easy. He has worked hard for Huntington on so many levels. Being mayor is not easy, as most seem to think.

To Kim Wolfe, you are supported by our team each and every day. I hope Huntington keeps a leader that will LEAD them in good and bad times. Vote Wolfe!

Amber Miller-Viars

West Logan

Williams represents all city residents

My name is Zack Qualls. I met Steve Williams in 1972 or '73. When he moved to Huntington we were teammates at HHS and MU. He was my first roommate at college our freshman year. I've had dinner at his home and he has been to mine on many occasions. I call him "My Brother from another Mother." Even though we don't share the same skin color, we share the same values, the same love for God, our families, our work and our country.

Several years ago I asked Steve and Mary to come to Chicago for a marriage conference and they came even though they were the only white couple. Steve ended up doing a session on finance and we were all impressed by his knowledge on the subject.

I was in Huntington recently for MU homecoming and Steve joined my wife and I as my brother got baptized.

Steve Williams is a good man and will represent Huntington and all its residents in a manner that will make us proud to be from that city. I will give him 100 percent of my support in his run for mayor.

Darrell Zack Qualls

Matteson, Ill.


Other city praises

Wolfe's efforts

Although I am a resident of Bluefield, W.Va., I have adopted the city of Huntington as my second home due to my years at Marshall.

I've noticed that both communities have similar challenges in the arena of economic development -- chiefly being border communities to more prosperous states. As of last month, I have volunteered for my community's economic development team. We have a new director, and he is providing a lot of energy and ideas to assist.

Our team in Bluefield has admired the recent cleanup efforts lead by Mayor Wolfe in Huntington and I think there is opportunity for both of our communities to link up and share ideas, as well as networking economically and politically.

We are cheering the Huntington council and committee to keep the momentum going, for it serves as a template and positive example for other municipalities facing similar difficulties. We hope to get the same fire lit on this end of U.S. 52 to spark prosperity through the state's poorest corridor.

Justin Hamm


Former employee endorses Williams

I'm writing this letter to endorse Steve Williams for the position of mayor for the city of Huntington.

As a friend and former employee of Steve's, I became quite familiar with his personal and business philosophy: family-community service-career. His eyes would light up when speaking of his commitment to the people in the community, his service to those who live there and, of course, Marshall University. He always made the time to listen to our problems and he would envision new ideas to improve our processes while keeping the highest of standards for the people we served. I am certain he will continue these high standards if given the chance to become your mayor.

Please consider Mr. Steve Williams for the mayor of Huntington, as he is so well-suited for it and would bring to the position his passion, drive and vision that made, in turn, my job so much better.

Susan Coy-Kamph


Improvements visible in city

As a former resident of Huntington and a Marshall University graduate, I would like to express my appreciation for the improvements in the last four years that I observed on my recent visit to Huntington.

I have a good feeling when we go downtown to walk around, enjoy the scenery and the lively activity. The downtown area is quite impressive. I am very proud of my hometown. Keep up the good work.

William Clay

Apopka, Fla.



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