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Voice of the people

Sep. 29, 2012 @ 09:55 PM

We can't take four more years of same

With a major election, please remember the families that have struggled under the current administration.

With four more years, we will all end up in food lines, without freedom to bear arms and criminals breaking down our doors.

Stand up and say no more!

Charles Pelfrey


Pets need more help fom people

Regarding the recent act of animal cruelty, I certainly believe that the stabbing of dogs should carry a penalty of a felony, with a prison sentence, long enough for the criminals to think about what they have done.

I would like to add that as a taxpayer in the City of Huntington and Cabell County, I believe it is our bound duty to fund the local animal shelter on a timely basis.

I understand the local shelter is suffering from lack of funds, and it took a plea to Huntington's City Council from the public to get them to turn loose $30,000 of the $125,000 budgeted for this purpose.

The shelter is overcrowded and in need of food and cleaning items, as well as funds to pay the staff. The shelter is in dire need and we can help by donating as well.

Let's get behind this operation and help make a no-kill facility we can be proud of. We are the voices of helpless animals.

Ruth Williams


No surprise that W.Va.'s elected Dems skip convention

The Herald-Dispatch ran an article announcing that three prominent West Virginia politicians would not be attending the Democratic convention. There should have been no surprise. With one exception, each of those government employees ran campaigns on the premise that they opposed the current president.

One talking point for their opposition is the policies that tend to curtail industrial and environmental pollution. Our senator and governor suggest that the coal industry is under attack. I see this as somewhat disingenuous. How many of our state government buildings, or homes for that matter, use coal or oil for heating? Growing up in a coal mining community, I've witnessed the physical and biological hazards posed. A USA Today article a few years ago reported that a study had been done on air quality outside of schools in the country. Only 12 other schools in the country have more toxic air than Follansbee Middle School in Brooke County, north of Wheeling.

In addition, WVU researcher Alan Ducatman, M.D., said, "On a population sense we can be fairly sure that bad things are happening."

Creative leadership would investigate alternative methods for economic development. Our state has some valuable resources, world class researchers at our educational institutions, and citizens with strong work ethics.

For our leading party officials to say that they're not sure how they will vote suggests to me how they will vote. It's no secret that the Republican Party has seen the signs and is targeting our senator as one that they can "turn out." I'm curious as to how long it will take him to be honest enough to declare that he's officially changing his party affiliation.

Samuel R. Moore


I was out walking the other day and I spotted a yard sign that read, "Stop the war on Coal, fire Obama." I hope this isn't the attitude of too many West Virginians. I've only seen one sign in the whole area, so maybe it isn't.

The United Mineworkers of America has come out publicly to say they do not endorse President Obama for re-election. However, they are not endorsing Romney either.

Mitt Romney is on the side of big business. If he had his way, there would be no collective bargaining in the United States. He would have us go back to the days when business owners dictated when you worked, how much you got paid and if you had to work 14 hour days, 7 days a week or not. It has already been reported that coal operators MADE miners attend photo op rallies where Romney was campaigning.

Make no mistake about it folks! If Mitt Romney is elected, he will do everything he can to weaken unions and collective bargaining. I can understand the stance of the UMWA. They have to support their constituents. But the fact that they do not support Romney, I think, speaks volumes. The UMWA recognizes that electing Romney is a big mistake as well, and I agree.

The coal industry is going to survive. Everyone knows the world needs our coal. Don't let scares of losing your job cloud your thinking. The Democrat party favors labor unions. The Republicans don't.

I personally believe it is the duty of every American of legal age to vote. However, if you find you can't bring yourself to vote for President Obama because of coal, I hope that you would take the UMWA lead and not vote for either candidate.

Chuck Fry




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