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GOP presidential candidates hard to find

Feb. 14, 2014 @ 07:02 AM

I am amused daily while reading the various national and local columnists’ political bloviating.

Seems both of the Republican front­runners for the presidential nomi­nation are in hot water. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is up to his neck in scandal.

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who was close to a vice presidential nomina­tion with Romney, has (along with his wife) been indicted on 14 counts of what he refers to as “bad judgment.”

Now, the problems of these two Republican Party promising noteworthies are NOT what I find particularly entertaining. What I do find amusing is that while all of this is going on, Republican conservative columnists are either ignoring the brouha­has or throwing stones at successful Democratic pro­grams.

In his syndicated col­umn, national conservative columnist Thomas Sowell has avoided talking about the scandals, but recently reached back to the JFK-John­son years to write about the miserable failings of the War on Poverty. Mr. Sowell, it’s 2014 and everyone knows you can’t win a war on circum­st a nce s .

George Will, the conser­vative, bi-weekly columnist for the Washington Post and approximately 400 other newspapers, is caught up in the tired old subject of judi­cial activism. What’s news about this? Conservatives have always expressed cha­grin when judges attempt to pre-empt legislators. Mr.

Will, could we read something about the Washington buzz concerning qualified Republi­can candidates for the White Ho u se?

Now that Benghazi is old, discredited news, a local col­umnist continues to hammer away at Obamacare. Obam­acare is here to stay. Get used to it and get over it.

Avoidance of the obvious — t hat Republicans are hav­ing a heck of a time coming up with a decent, electable candi­date for the presidency in 2016 (who can stay out of trouble in the meantime) — is noticeable and rather comical.

Can it be possible that all of the conjecture about Hillary Clinton making another run for the White House, which most pundits consider a fore­gone conclusion, dampens the Republican fervor for coming up with yet another loser?

Apologies to Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney. Perhaps the Repub­licans might take a look at freshman senators. Like, say, Rand Paul? Or, Ted Cruz?

I do not hear Republicans talking about wildly success­ful governors like Florida’s Charlie Crist, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, or Ohio’s John Kasich. Strange.

The not-so-subtle eyes on the prize before the 2008 elec­tion was well underway, with candidates lining up like crows on a power line, much earlier than the 22 months remaining until we elect the 45th presi­dent of the United States.

Is it possible that Republi­cans who have national (or local, for that matter) voices are throwing in the towel? Or, hoping against hope that their Bush in shining armor will rescue them from the dearth of viable available candidates?

Jeb Bush, I mean. But, of course, even his mother is tell­ing him to stay out of the fray.

I think she said, “There have already been enough Bushes in the White House.”

I agree!

Milt Hankins of Ashland, Ky., is a retired minister, theolo­gian and freelance writer.



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