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No word yet from Wiggins

May. 07, 2013 @ 11:50 PM

HUNTINGTON -- Just one week remains between now and the end of the NCAA signing period for high school basketball athletes, which is May 15.

And that has fixated all eyes on Huntington Prep in anticipation for a college decision from Canadian-born Andrew Wiggins, the 2013 Naismith Award winner as the national high school player of the year, and the Class of 2013's top prospect.

The collective pulse of the college basketball nation is beating in the Tri-State, and the only thing that can be heard louder is the constant question that seems to be ringing in everyone's ears -- especially those of Huntington Prep coach Rob Fulford.

Where's Wiggins going? Is it (INSERT Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky or North Carolina HERE)?

"I try and be as cordial as I can to everyone, but it's tiring," Fulford said. "Once our season ended, I thought I might be able to get a little rest, but boy, I was sadly mistaken.

"I still get the same voicemails and texts every day, and you've got to understand, that's not from one person or one outlet. That's from everybody -- national outlets, each school's beat writers, Canadian media wanting to come down, etc."

Fulford has his phone permanently hooked to a charger and placed on silent during school hours at his Huntington St. Joe office so it doesn't go dead by noon. He posted a phone message Monday on Facebook that read, "New rule. ... If u ask me where Andrew Wiggins is going to school I get to punch u in the throat. ... Carry on."

The coach was being facetious, of course, but said he has to come up with new jokes to keep the constant questioning from getting to him a bit.

Fulford said that if he had a nickel for every time someone has asked him "the question" in the last month, he'd have enough money to fund Huntington Prep's expenses and even have enough for coach's salaries for the next few years.

"If I ever get another kid like Andrew, I think I'm going to do that, but for now, I'll stick to punching people in the throat to relieve stress," Fulford joked.

Fulford's jokes might be just to keep him from going crazy with the anticipation -- much like the rest of the basketball world, it seems.

Wiggins, 18, spent more time Monday trying to catch up on homework and returning his rented tuxedo for the St. Joe prom than talking about his basketball future.

For those insight-seekers, he did not let on his school choice with his tux colors either. They were orange and white -- none of the colors of the colleges he's considering.

Wiggins has made it adamantly clear that he has not made a decision and until he makes an announcement everything else is speculation.


"I've tried to explain to everyone, there are no sources," Fulford said. "If it's not coming directly from Andrew, it's not going to happen.

"Last week, we had a guy who delivers crab cakes for a living say he overheard (North Carolina coach) Roy Williams saying Andrew was going to commit to them on such-and-such date and people believed him," Fulford said. "So I have to respond to national media about Johnny Crabcakes as a source.

"If a guy that sells crab cakes for a living is a source for the best high school basketball player in the country, our country is in a mess."