CEREDO — Ceredo-Kenova Funeral Home & Crematorium will have a new name following its acquisition by the Reger family. The Reger family, with five generations of funeral service to families at their longtime location in Huntington, will open their second funeral home location in Ceredo, the family announced Friday.

Your Weekend

HUNTINGTON - The sun has set on the cafe formerly known as Moonlight Cookies. Owners Molly and Anna Paxton first opened their shop at Heritage Station in October 2018 but have decided to rebrand.

Just two opportunities remain to enjoy free music outdoors at the Pullman Square Summer Concert Series.  

She's one of the most fiery characters in TV history - Julia Sugarbaker of "Designing Women," which aired on CBS for seven seasons from 1986-1993. Just Google "Designing Women Rant," and you'll get a treasure trove of videos featuring Julia's epic takedowns beautifully brought to life by the late Dixie Carter.

WASHINGTON — In a trade war, as in a real one, people are wounded by friendly fire from their side. Consider some casualties in Donald Trump's "easy to win" — his promise — trade war. Begin with the company whose green machines bear the name of the blacksmith who, in the 1830s in Grand Detour, Illinois, invented a self-scouring plow that could turn the Midwest's heavy black topsoil.