DEAR JILL: People like you frustrate me. You only seem concerned with the bottom line of how cheap something is. Paying the lowest price should not be your only goal. Do you not realize some things are worth investing in for longevity's sake? Your generation treats many things as disposable. It is always better to buy something of excellent quality that will last instead of something bargain priced and shoddy.

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Pick up a copy of all the other fall TV previews out there, and you'll see a lot of shows from cable channels and streaming services. But for me, the new fall TV season has always been and should always be about the broadcast networks. So that's where I keep my focus.

Come on down to Heritage Farms for this year's Mountain Games on Saturday, Sep. 21, and claim your heritage doing the things your great grandparents did to survive the hot summers and cold winters in the mountains and hollers of West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

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