Your Weekend

HUNTINGTON - Ariel the mermaid has made it to the world above at Huntington's Ritter Park Amphitheater.

If that weren't enough, Queen Elsa finally "Let it Go" and almost blanketed the entire land in ice and snow.

One Foot in Pullman Square

The Pullman Square Summer Concert Series continues Thursday, July 18, with the band One Foot, which is comprised of musicians Wally Wilkes, Sammy Mendez Torres, Ray Singleton, Gary Riffe and Randy Hogsett.

Special Sections

WASHINGTON - Thirty months after setting the goal of sending a mission 239,000 miles to the moon, and returning safely, President John Kennedy cited a story the Irish author Frank O'Connor told about his boyhood. Facing the challenge of a high wall, O'Connor and his playmates tossed their caps over it. Said Kennedy, "They had no choice but to follow them. This nation has tossed its cap over the wall of space." Kennedy said this on Nov. 21, 1963, in San Antonio. The next day: Dallas.