IRONTON — Two decades ago, Frank Thacker kidnapped a 14-year-old girl as she and her friend were walking along County Road 1, raped her and changed the teenager's life.

Thacker, 55, a South Point area man currently serving a 27-year sentence for rape and kidnapping in a 2018 case, got 30 more years in prison during sentencing procedures Thursday in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

The victim in the 1999 case finally got a chance to face her abuser.

For nearly 20 years "I've had to live in fear," she said before Thacker was sentenced by Judge Andy Ballard. The Herald-Dispatch does not use the names of victims of sexual abuse.

"You said you were teaching me a lesson," she said. The only lesson she got from the ordeal "is that monsters are real. You took my childhood. You took my best friend."

Thacker lived only a few blocks away from the victim, and Thacker's daughter and the victim rode in a school bus together.

Thacker was convicted Wednesday of two counts of rape, one count of kidnapping and one count of abduction. The prison sentence handed down Thursday will be served consecutively with the earlier 27-year sentence, Ballard ruled.

Prosecuting Attorney Brigham Anderson argued for the 30-year sentence in the 1999 case that only came to light after Thacker's DNA matched the victim in the 1999 case. He called the rape and kidnapping of the teenager "the worst form" of such crimes.

Anderson argued that the two incidences of rape of the victim were separate cases and needed to be punished separately. He asked for the maximum 10-year sentence in the kidnapping case to run consecutively with 10 years for each of the two rapes.

Gene Meadows, a Scioto County lawyer representing Thacker, argued the two rape cases should be sentenced as one offense and asked for a 20-year sentence for his client.

Meadows also asked for leniency for Thacker, who was confined to a wheelchair and in poor health.

Ballard agreed with the prosecution that the two rapes were separate offenses and to not rule that way would be like giving defendants a license to rape.

"Each act is a further denigration of a victim," the judge said.

The judge also designated Thacker as a sexual predator, requiring him to report his address to authorities if he ever were to be released from prison.

Thacker appealed the sentence and Ballard said he would appoint a lawyer to represent him in the appeal.

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