WAYNE — Canvassing of votes cast in the June 11 municipal election in Wayne confirmed Danny Grace won reelection to serve a second term as mayor, but revealed a three-way tie for the final two spots on Town Council.

Provisional ballots showed four incumbents were reelected to serve on council, with French Napier receiving the most votes of the nine candidates on the ballot with 254, Gary Akers receiving 206 votes, Judy Watts receiving 173 votes and Rosie Whipkey receiving 172 votes. Harry Sowards received 200 votes and won the Town Council seat over incumbent Jon Reed, who placed sixth in number of votes with 165.

However, final counts of the ballots uncovered a three-way tie between Whipkey, Reed and Watts with 180 votes each. The remaining two seats were decided Monday evening in a tie breaker — drawing straws to decide Whipkey and Reed would take the seats.

Other council candidates were Cathy Maynard, who received 134 votes; Freelin Pridemore, 106 votes; and Jim Dorton, 71 votes.

Officials were elected to serve three-year terms, but a proposition for those Town Council positions to move from three-year to four-year terms passed with 75% of voters in favor, with 338 for it and 103 against.

As a result, in the next municipal election, which will happen in 2022, Town Council terms will be extended by one year from three to four and will fall in line with county elections moving forward.

Final results showed Grace won 54% of the vote with 260 total votes. His opponent, James Ramey III, received 222 votes.

Tony Atkins, who ran unopposed for town recorder, retains the position after receiving 327 votes.

Dwayne Wallace earned 285 votes, besting the 192 votes for Kevin Bradshaw, in the race to serve as municipal judge.

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