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Snowville Creamery upgrading its production capabilities

POMEROY, Ohio — Snowville Creamery is reinvesting in its Meigs County production facility.

New yogurt filling and packaging machinery will soon be installed to help the company improve the speed and reliability of the production line, the company announced in a press release.

The total investment at the facility will be at least $75,000.

The company manufactures milk, cream, cheese, sour cream and yogurt. Snowville products are distributed through retail groceries and eateries in several Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states.

The yogurt line replacement project is supported by financing provided by the Meigs County Community Improvement Corporation’s revolving loan fund and a grant from JobsOhio and Ohio Southeast Economic Development.

“Snowville Creamery is extremely grateful to the Meigs County Community Improvement Corporation and JobsOhio for helping us to continue to produce the cultured products that are helping us to grow our sales,” Snowville owner Victoria Taylor said in the release.

“Our unique yogurt and creme fraiche have dedicated fans who will be happy to know they can count on finding them at their local grocery stores.”

“The Snowville Creamery is an iconic business in our region that provides good jobs and quality products throughout the country. We are proud to have them in Meigs County and are thrilled to support them as they grow,” Perry Varnadoe, director of the Meigs County Economic Development Office, said in the release.

Mike Jacoby, President of Ohio Southeast Economic Development, expressed his gratitude to the project partners for investing capital in the region.

“We are grateful to Snowville Creamery, the Meigs County CIC, and JobsOhio for investing in this project. It helps retain an important employer and good jobs as well as positions the company for future growth,” Jacoby said in the release.

Snowville Creamery was founded in 2003 by Warren and Victoria Taylor.

West Virginia maple syrup production sees increase

CHARLESTON — West Virginia Maple syrup production increased by 2,000 gallons in 2020 for a total of 16,000 gallons for the year, according to a press release from the West Virginia Department of Agriculture.

This increased occurred despite a decrease of 5,000 in the total number of taps placed in 2019, which was 80,000. Yield per tap was 0.213 gallons, up from the 2019 yield per tap of 0.175 gallons.

“Even though our producers faced less than ideal conditions, we still saw an upward trend for the maple industry. A lot of this is due to the advances in technology and the maturity of West Virginia’s production,” West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt said in the release. “I am proud of how far we have come in recent years.”

On average, the 2020 maple syrup season lasted from Feb. 4 to March 9, or 34 days.

The first date for recorded sap collection was Jan. 12 and the last was April 1.

The average price per gallon was $41.10 in 2019, which was 8% below 2018.

Bulk prices in 2019 were $2.10 per pound, down from $2.90 per pound in 2018, and $20.00 per gallon, down from $32.20 per gallon the previous year.

Percent of sales by type in 2019 was 26% retail, up from 23% the previous year; 8% wholesale, down from 17% in 2018; and 66% bulk, up from 60% in 2018.

United States maple syrup production totaled 4.37 million gallons, up 5% from the previous season. The number of taps totaled 13.5 million, up 1% from the revised 2019 total. Yield per tap was 0.324 gallon, up 0.012 gallon from the revised previous season.

The 2019 United States average price per gallon was $31.00, down $2.80 from 2018. Value of production, at $129 million for 2019, was down 9 percent from the 2018 season.

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