Charles Edwin Sale et al. to Francis J. Forno Jr. et al., 2 parcels, Gideon, no consideration

Lillian Davis et al. to James W. Chapman et al., Lot 685 Part Lots 684 and 686, Arlington, Gideon, $115,000

Bennie O. Mannon et al. to Jose J. Aguirre, Lot 4 and right of way, Hagan Subdivision, Gideon, $33,000

Amy Stowasser to Kevin G. Stowasser, Lot 4, Duneden, Gideon, no consideration

Stuart Norman Swope et al. to Linda Duncan, Lot 439, the Uplands, Gideon, $129,900

Carl Christopher Perkins et al. to Paul M. Law et al., Lot 113, Holihurst Subdivision, Gideon, $145,000

David Forrest Colvin et al. to Samuel Tracy Colvin et al., Lots 81-82, Rutland Park, Gideon, $1,000

P&S Rentals LLC et al. to Thomas Schreiber, Lots 167-170, Boulevard Place, Gideon, $100,000

Huntington WV Area Habitat for Humanity to Virgil L. Crockett et al., Lot 86, Ceramic Subdivision, Gideon, no consideration

Pamela G. Smith to Warren J. Smith et al., Unit 806, St. James, Gideon, $89,500

Tara Vosler to William H. Jones III, Lot 4 right of way, Woodside Place, Kyle, no consideration

Phillip A. Jones et al. to Thomas Schreiber, Lot 3, Josselson Subdivision, Kyle, $90,000

James A. Withers et al. to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, Lot F, Belford Subdivision, Kyle, $259,900

Jeff Russell et al. to Sean M. Hoffman, Pt Lot 6, Parcel, Trenear Estate, Kyle, $13,000

Ella M. Curry to Nathanial A. Kuratomi, Lot L, Belford Subdivision, Kyle, no consideration

Fred A. Hitchings et al. to James Sutphin et al., Pt Lots 19-20, Croft Subdivision, Kyle, $37,500

Robert E. Criswell et al. to Gesner Properties LLC, ½ of lot 12, Parcel, Kyle, $18,000

Donald E. Myers et al. to Galway Holdings LLC, ½ of lot 11, Kyle, $72,000

Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Deborah L. Jarrell, Lot F, Belford Subdivision, Kyle, $259,900

Daniel Jeffers et al. to Crystal A. Scarberry et al., 0.717 acre Pt lot 14, Kyle, $1,800

Gary W. Spitler et al. to William R. Mayes et al., Lot 6, TH Harvey Four Pole Addition, Huntington Guyandotte, $2,750

Gary W. Spitler et al. to William R. Mayes et al., Lot 8, TH Harvey Four Pole Addition, Huntington Guyandotte, $2,750

Anthony Adkins et al. to Hannah L.J. Stapleton, Tract 1) lot 45 Tract) lots 46-48, Nickel Plate First Subdivision, Guyandotte, no consideration

William L. Lynn II to Anastasia Lee Elwood, Lot 4, Miller Hill and Justice Subdivision, Altizer Place, Huntington Guyandotte, no consideration

Virgil Jobe et al. to B&M Passgo LLC, Lot 19, West Walnut Hills, Gideon, no consideration

Marlena Canter to Amanda Nicole Forrest, Lot 23, Hagan Addition, Gideon, $15,000

Jerry Zornes et al. to Amanda Swalley, Pt lot G, Arlington Addition, Gideon, $119,000

Meng Fen Wang et al. to Christian L. Cantrell, Lot 118, Highlawn Subdivision, Gideon, $11,000

Betty J. Vaught et al. to Shirley R. Vaught, Pt Lot 36, Cedar Grove Subdivision, Gideon, $1.00

Vanessa Ferrari to Hinson Investments LLC, parcel, Gideon, $15,000

United Bank et al. to Hun2570 Realty LLC, Pt lot 110, Highlawn Extension, Gideon, $18,000

Francis J. Forno Jr. et al. to Jerry Zornes et al., 2 parcels, Gideon, $232,000

Nancy Lee Black et al. to Joseph D. Black et al., lots 1-2, Forest Hill Subdivision, Gideon, $45,000

Benjamin S. Bays et al. to Joseph Hussen et al., lot 7, WH Forbush Subdivision, Gideon, no consideration

Jennifer Marie Marcum to Joseph Hussen et al., lot 6, WH Forbush Subdivision, Gideon, no consideration

Kimberly Ann Milhoan to Laura Wiley, lot 612 pt lot 585, Arlington, Gideon, $149,585

Carl Pemberton et al. to Lynzee Springston, lot 1, H.E. Turners Subdivision, Gideon, $66,000

Anthony Newby to Marcus A. Clinton, lot 20, Gideon, $78,100

Tim Akers to Matthew Clayton et al., lot 39, Highland Court Addition, Gideon, $13,000

Michael J. Bonyak et al. to Michael J. Bonyak, lot 228 pt lots 227 and 229, Arlington, Gideon, no consideration

Mark R. Hammond to Michelle Y. Greider et al., pt lots 8-9, Gideon, $85,000

Ona Henry et al. to Ronald C. Henry, parcel, Gideon, no consideration

Sheila P. Huddy et al. to Shane Lafon, lot 159 pt lot 160, Walnut Hills, Gideon, $35,000

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