Michael Richert et al. to Rent Collect Property Managemant LLC, lots 21-23 part lot 24 block 15 lots 2-5 block 30, Woodside Place, Huntington, no consideration.

Shirley M. Johnson et al. to Agnes Ellen Lambert, parcel block 328, Gideon, $51,000.

Lighthouse Baptist Church to Brandon M. Heaberlin, lot 192 Beverly Hills, Huntington, $12,500.

Huntington Reality Corp. to C J Real Estate Investments LLC, part lot 14 block 167, Huntington, $500,000.

Cary D. Smoot et al. to Cary D. Smoot et al., lot 38 block 251, Highlawn Subdivision, Gideon, no consideration.

Chad M. Johnson et al. to David V. Matthews et al., part lot 3 block 225, Huntington, $32,000.

Am N. Boe et al. to Erin K. Bateman et al., lot 229, Ricketts Place and Fairfax Court, Huntington, $172,900.

Gary Lambert to Gary Lambert Jr. Life Estate, lot 54 block 264, Azel Meadows Subdivision Highlawn, Huntington, no consideration.

Matthew P. Churton to Hamo LLC, lot 71, Ricketts Place, Huntington, $202,000.

Internal Revenue Service et al. to J. Roger Smith et al., parcel block 95, Huntington, no consideration.

James A. Martin Jr. et al. to James A. Martin Jr. et al., lot 69, Beverly Hills, Huntington, no consideration.

United Bank Inc. to Jamey L. Triplett, parcel, Guyan Ave., Gideon, $70,000.

Justin C. Darling to Myra E. Shull et al., lot 235, Beverly Hills, Huntington, $84,000.

Keith E. Adkins to Samuel F. Denning, lot 6, Thornburg and Beale Subdivision, Huntington, $140,000.

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