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Phil R. Robinson et al., to Charlotte Clark, pt lot 1 and 74, WM Shumate Subdivision, Gideon, $1,000

Timothy H. Metz et al., to Christopher Shane Metz, lots 32-34, Highland Court Subdivision, Gideon, $1.00

J. Patrick Jones et al., to David Salyers, lot 8, Braeside, Beverly Hills, Gideon, $31,917

City National Bank to Gang Chen et al., lot 78 and strip, Hildacrest, Gideon, $19,000

Betty Ann Wilcox et al., to Hinson Investments LLC, lot I, Huntington Land Company Subdivision, Gideon, $12,000

Joseph R. Elsner to Joshua E. Sizemore, lot 1, South Side Addition, Gideon, $118,000

US Bank National Association et al., to Kelli Hall, lot 146 and S ½ of lot 147, Azel Meadows Subdivision no 1 of Forest Hills, Gideon, no consideration

Kasandra Pickens to Kyra Dawn Demoss et al., part of lots 247-250, Arlington, Gideon, $174,000

Earleen Heiner Agee et al., to Landers Properties and Holdings LLC, pt lots 1-3 and ½ private alley, Gideon, $300,000

William Estep et al., to Linda Scruggs, lot 264, East Highlawn, Gideon, no consideration

Roger Porter et al., to Roger Porter et al., lot 3, Highlawn Subdivision, Gideon, no consideration

Darryl A. Davis et al., to Sharon Nichole McKissick, lot 702 and S 27 feet of lot 701, Arlington, Gideon, $159,000

Linda D. Adkins to William Clinton McCallister, parcel, TE Forbush Subdivision, Gideon, $4,300

Whirlwind Rentals LLC to Ashlynn Workman, lot 6, JW Poole Subdivision, Altizer Place, Huntington Guyandotte, $10,000

Howard R. Crews Jr. et al., to B. Joseph Touma et al., apartment no. 701W, Whitaker Square East Condominium, Huntington Guyandotte, $342,000

Gary L. Parsons et al., to Gary L. Parsons et al., o.438 acre lot 1, Huntington Guyandotte, no consideration

Christopher L. Bolling et al., to Jonathan Daniel Gue, parcel, Hysey Four Pole Creek, Huntington Guyandotte, no consideration

Wilma Lee Moore et al., to Sherry Diane Hamilton et al.,, lot 11, Forest Hills Subdivision, Huntington Guyandotte, no consideration

James H. Mollett et al., to Stephen P. Dailey et al., lots 5-6, COle and Crane Plat, Altizer Place, Huntington Guyandotte, $100,000

Pamela Barnhart et al., to Whirlwind Homes LLC, lots 4-5, Westview, Huntington Guyandotte, $125,000

Jerrell W. Erwin to B&B Holdings PLLC, lot 3, JW Holley Subdivision, Kyle, $26,736.88

Shirley C. Lewis et al., to James Micheal Ward, lot 20, Woodside Place, Kyle, no consideration

Shirley C. Lewis to Sanford Marvin Solomon II, parcel pt lot 2, Kyle, no consideration

Vernon B. Browning to Vernon B. Browning, lots 28-29, Burnette and Shores Subdivision, Kyle, no consideration

Georgianna Borgmeyer et al., to Anita Kay et al., lot 154, Beverly Hills, Gideon, $100,000

Barbara C. Dunn et al., to David Dunn et al., parcel, Gideon, no consideration

Michael A. Taylor to Douglas Edward Lloyd, pt lot 4, Beech Villa Subdivision, Gideon, $5,000

G. Russell Rollyson Jr. et al., to Emberland LLC, 34x160, Huntington Gideon Corp District, Gideon, $10.00

Gabriel Abraham Garrett to Gabriel Abraham Garrett et al., lot 312 pt lot 311, Holswade Park Extension, Gideon, no consideration

Rom LLC et al., to Huntington Storage and Truck Rental INC, pt lot 21, William Buffington Addition, Gideon, $40,000

John T. Spoor et al., to John T. Spoor et al., lot 14, Holderby Subdivision, Gideon, no consideration

Professional Housing and Land LLC et al., to Mark Thomas Goodwin, 40x100 E, GYDT Sub, Gideon, $1,500

Patrick J. Woodard II to Matthew Clayton et al., pt lot 18, Gideon, $4,500

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