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Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District to West Virginia Department of Transportation Division of Highways, Kyle District, $2,500

MVB Bank Inc. to Alchemy Real Estate LLC, Part Block 170 in Gideon, $79,200

US Bank National Association et al.. to CVF III Mortgage Loan Trust II, Lot 3 in Gideon, no consideration

James J III, James J II and Betty Weiler to Nortam LLC, Parcels Part Lot 7 in Gideon, $650,000

Roger Nichols to Reanna and Robert Todd, Lot 5 in Gideon, $80,000

Andrew Spodek et al.. to Rosalind Spodek, 2 Tracts and Part Lot 12 in Gideon, $366,500

Ralph Hill et al.. to Suzanne Day and Skylah Haught, Lot 33 in Gideon, $60,000

Rosalind Spodek to West Virginia JLS Equities LLC, 3 Tracts Part Lot 12 in Gideon, no consideration

Carroll Barker II to WV Family Support and Rehabilitation Services INC, Lot 35 in Gideon, $58,000

Sherman Smith to Madeline Moore, Parcel in Huntington Guyandotte, $165,500

Gifford Perdue Sr. to Jeremiah 297 LLC, Part Lots 6-7 in Kyle, $230,000

Howard Hawkins to Lily Liu, Part Lot 2 in Kyle, $45,000

Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District to West Virginia Department of Transportation Division of Highways, Parcel and Parcel in Kyle, $3,700

Daphne Jeffers et al.. to Tuan Tran and Thanh Le, Lot Q in Kyle, $115,000

Katherine Morris et al.. to Benjamin Chiles, Lots 96-97 Part Lot 98 in Gideon, $5,000

Joseph Black to BGRS Relocation Inc., Lot 143 in Gideon, $50,500

Ronald II and Angela Smith to Elizabeth and Timothy Lawrence, 0.17 acre in Gideon, no consideration

Lissa Marcum to Kristal Glover, Lot 43 in Gideon, $73,500

William Riddle to Lon Charbonneau, Lots 201-203 in Gideon, $40,000

Huntington Federal Savings Bank to Michael Moon, Lot 7 in Gideon, $23,500

Wilmington Savings Fund Society et al.. to NR Deed LLC, Lot 31 in Gideon, no consideration

Ronald II and Angela Smith to Ronald Smith III, Parcel in Gideon, no consideration

Michael Byrd to Andrea Byrd, Parcel in Huntington Guyandotte, no consideration

Judith Gaynor to Gregory and Judith Gaynor, Lot 15 in Huntington Guyandotte, no consideration

McGuffin Tully Noble Properties LLC to Sean Seaman, Lot 14 in Kyle, $130,000

Cassandra Hagar and Hurshel Townsend to Vincent Bloom, Lot 9 in Kyle, $159,000

Carl McCoy to Virgil and Justin Crockett, Part Lot 27 in Kyle, $30,000

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