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Marshall champion t-shirt at Glenn's Sporting Goods

Image of the Marshall University national champions t-shirt that will be available at Glenn's Sporting Goods in Huntington on Thursday or Friday of this week.

HUNTINGTON — Glenn’s Sporting Goods retail manager Paul Robateau said as the men’s soccer team at Marshall University made its run to a national championship there was also a run on Marshall apparel.

“As the team kept winning and progressing in the NCAA tournament we saw a large jump in sales of Marshall apparel,” Robateau said. “We sold out of Marshall sweatshirts even before the championship game and were down to some T-shirts and hats.”

Robateau says Glenn’s has national champion T-shirts on order and are working to get authorization from Marshall University and the NCAA to print their own.

“We will have short-sleeve shirts in sizes small to triple extra-large in green and they should be here by Thursday or Friday,” he said. “We are trying to get some gray ones as well. Also, we are inquiring on authorization to print our own national champion T-shirts and sweatshirts.”

Robateau explained that unlike “the good old days,” the sporting goods store in the 1000 block of 3rd Avenue in downtown Huntington that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020 must get permission from the university and the NCAA before it can print its own championship apparel.

“We are hoping to get permission soon and we are also trying to get jerseys as well,” he said. “We have had several requests for jerseys.”

The Marshall University Bookstore in the Memorial Student Center on campus said men’s soccer championship T-shirts should be available on Wednesday.

“They are gray T-shirts with green lettering,” said sales associate Gwen Renick. “We are also trying to get the replicas of the soccer jersey the guys wear. We have had lots of calls about them.”

Renick said anything Marshall is selling well since the team’s run in the tournament began.

“Marshall gifts, blankets and other apparel and items are all in demand after this amazing championship win,” she said.

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