An early lunch crowd arrives at Soho’s restaurant, located at Capitol Market, in September. 

CHARLESTON — A group of local businessmen has reached a deal to purchase Soho’s, located inside Capitol Market, and continue operating the restaurant under the Soho’s name.

In September, the Capitol Market board of directors informed Sharon Sohovich, owner of Soho’s and the widow of Bill Sohovich, who established the restaurant in 2002, that the lease for the popular Italian eatery would not be renewed when it expired Dec. 31.

Nichole Greene, Capitol Market’s executive director, said at the time the board made a “tough” decision that came after “thoughtful consideration.”

The board recently voted unanimously to approve a new lease for White Knight Ventures LLC, an investment group led by Roger Nicholson, to purchase the restaurant, according to a news release.

“The purchase of Soho’s and the new lease present a win-win scenario for everyone involved,” according to a joint statement from Nicholson, Sharon Sohovich and Capitol Market board of directors President Kristen Harrison contained in the release. “This will begin a new era for Soho’s at Capitol Market, but will also continue the legacy built by Bill and Sharon Sohovich. Under the undisclosed terms of the agreement, White Knight Ventures LLC will purchase all of the assets of Soho’s LLC and enter into a new lease with Capitol Market.”

The purchase is expected to close in January, and Soho’s will continue to operate as usual pending finalization of the purchase, according to the release.

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