Charles Anthony Drown to Larry Moore Drown et al., lot 50, Miller Subdivision, Westmoreland, Huntington, no consideration

Violet Roberts to Opal Roberts, Par 1) 0.60 acre Par 2) 7.2 acres exc&res 4.01 acres, Ceredo, $5,000

Willis Mills et al. to Douglas Bartram, lot 23, Fort Gay, $20,000

Brenda Kathryn Smith et al. to Ronald G. Nicholson et al., lot 4, Westmoreland Subdivision, Huntington, $133,000

Wetzel P. Perry et al. to Tamara Faye Burns, lot 119, Hyde Park Heights, Huntington, $60,000

Ernest E. Perdue et al. to Daniel Joseph Wallace et al., lot 12) 1.058 acres, Meadow Creek Estates Subdivision, Ceredo, $213,000

Angela D. Collins et al. to Joshua D. Copley et al., 0.540 acre, Greystone Subdivision, Walker Branch, Ceredo, $286,900

William Steve Diamond et al. to Brian D. Poole, lots 1-2, Maywood Hills Subdivision, Walker’s Branch Rd., Ceredo, $126,250

Fanny Hager et al. to Amelia Beatty, N 20’ of lot 155 & S 20’ of lot 154, Vinson Place, Westmoreland, Huntington, $91,000

Dwight l. McMillion et al. to Jason M. Smith et al., lot 22) 0.351 acre, Brookstone Subdivision, Sherwood Drive, Westmoreland District, $285,000

Daryle Sweeney to Christopher Trent et al., parcel, Butler District, no consideration

Michael Shane Perry to Becky Lynn Robinson, Tr 1) 2.57 acres Tr 2) 0.30 acre, Jennies Creek, Lincoln District, $3,000

Margaret Hinle et al. to Austin’s Homemade Ice Cream Inc et al., Par 1) 2,500 square feet Par 2) 3,800 square feet, Ceredo, $25,000

Viola A. Dingess et al. to Joey D. Dingess et al., N 40’ of 150, Vinson Place, Huntington, no consideration

Robert J. Robertson to Justin L. Robertson, parcel, Mill Branch Rd., Ceredo, no consideration

Shelah Tess Reeder et al. to Timothy R. Combs et al., 2 acres, Kiahs Creek, Stonewall, $3,000

Juanita Wellman et al. to Ricky Dale Terry, Tr 1) 1 acre Tr 2) ½ acre, Big Creek, Union, $28,000

Daniel Beckner to Edith Beckner, Lot 35, Country Club Village, South Westmoreland, no consideration

Sheila L. Adkins et al. to Karen Crank, Lot 11 W 1 ½ of Lot 12, Kenova, $60,000

Ronald Barrett et al. to Christopher C. Napier, Parcel, Big Hurricane Creek, Butler, 9,500

Cassie Rigsby et al. to Charles Allen Simpkins et al., 2 acres, Big Branch and Rocky Branch, Butler, no consideration

David Forrest Colvin et al. to Samuel Tracy Colvin, Lot 20 W 12.5’ Lot 21 E 6.25’ Lot 19, Kenova, $50,000

Billy Boyd Smith et al. to Billy Thomas Smith, Tr 1) Parcel Tr 2) Parcel Tr 3) 1 ½ acre, West Side of Haney’s Branch, Ceredo, no consideration

Priscilla Jean Lawson et al. to Stephanie Stepp et al., Parcel, Gimlet Creek, South Westmoreland, no consideration

Selwyn Vanderpool et al. to Mitchell Blankenship et al., 1.16 acres, St. Rt. 75, Union, $100

Selwyn Vanderpool et al. to Mark Perry et al., Par 1) 5.03 acres Par 2) 50 acres, Union, $135,000

Charles Dean Jr. to Pauletta Dean et al., ½ acre, Union, no consideration

CD DG Fort Gay LLC to Pauley Rentals LLC, 0.16 acre and 6,898 square feet, Butler, no consideration

CD DG Fort Gay LLC to CD DG Fort Gay LLC, 1 ½ acres, Butler, no consideration

Thomas Napier et al. to Jacqueline Preston, Parcel, Ceredo, no consideration,

Louis Heaberlin to Joseph Heaberlin et al., 2.749 acres, Westmoreland, no consideration

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