John Ray McKenzie et al. to Connie S. Wilds, Lot 8, Westmoreland Subdivison, Huntington, $58,000

Benita Spurlock to Jeffrey W. Adkins, Lot 31, Bison Subdivision, Buffalo Creek, Ceredo, $75,000

Leonard Napier et al. to Patricia Napier et al., Tr 1) 0.47 acre Tr 2) 0.52 acre, White Creek, Ceredo, $3,000

Garland Napier et al. to Leonard Napier et al., 2 acres, Whites Creek, Ceredo, $24,000

Alice Elwick et al. to Alice Elwick et al., Lot 14 plus a 6’ wide strip south side of Lot 14, Kenova Huntington Land Company, Kenova, no consideration

Daniel Lee Marcum to Timothy Joseph Kitts, 1 ½ acre, Laurel Branch of left fork of Mill Creek, Lincoln, $3,000

Charles R. Lewis et al. to Randall Scott Lewis et al., 8/10 acres, Union, no consideration

Carl Crabtree to Ernest L. Crabtree et al., Tr 1) part of lot 44 Tr 2) part of lot 44 W 90’ of parcel, Westmoreland, Miller Subdivision, Huntington

Donald Scott Barton et al. to Santos M. Ventura et al., Lots 22-23 2nd range 1st square West of Main Street, Ceredo, $22,000

Jackie Sue Vansickle to Franklin Theodore Brooks, 1 acre, right fork of Lick Creek, Stonewall, $100

Jackie Sue Vansickle to Jackie Sue Vansickle et al., 0.522 acres, Wayne, no consideration

Ronald Wheeler et al. to John Edward Carpenter, Tr 1) 1 ½ acres Tr 2) 1 ½ acres, Lincoln, $1.00

Lorri A. Cyrus to Pharon L. Cyrus, Lots 1-4, Village of Glenhayes, Lincoln, no consideration

Robbi J. Paynter Jr. et al. to Wendell Salmons et al., Par 1) 0.43 acre Par 2) 0.30 acre, Union, $115,000

Kelli J. Brooks et al. to Roger Adams et al., 2.695 acres, Lower Newcomb Creek, Union, $370,000

Tri-State Funeral Services LLC to Thanos LLC, Par 1) parcel Par 2) parcel, Ceredo, $330,000

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