NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION/ TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the following estate(s) have been opened for probate in the Cabell County Clerk's Office at 750 5th Avenue, Huntington, WV 25701-2019. Any person seeking to impeach or establish a will must make a complaint in accordance with the provisions of West Virginia Code 41-5-11 through 13. Any interested person objecting to the qualifications of the personal representative or the venue or jurisdiction of the court, shall file notice of an objection with the County Commission within 60 days after the date of the first publication or within 30 days of the service of the notice, whichever is later. If an objection is not filed timely , the objection is forever barred. Any person interested in filing claims against an estate must file them in accordance with West Virginia Code 44-2 and 44-3. Settlement of the estate(s) of the following named decedent(s) will proceed without reference to a fiduciary commission unless within 60 days from the first publication of this notice a reference is requested by a party of interest or an unpaid creditor files a claim and good cause is shown to support reference to a fiduciary commissioner. Publication Date: Thursday, April 4, 2019 Claim Deadline Date: Monday, June 3, 2019 ESTATE NUMBER: 7263 ESTATE NAME: EUGENE ALLEN ADKINS ADMINISTRATRIX: GOLDIE ADKINS ROUTE 1 BOX 242 SALT ROCK, WV 25559. 9725 ESTATE NUMBER: 7031 ESTATE NAME: JAMES EDWARD ADKINS ADMINISTRATOR: DOUGLAS ADKINS 6214 DIVISION ROAD HUNTINGTON, WV 25705-2408 ESTATE NUMBER; 6998 ESTATE NAME: JOSEPH BYRD AMSBARY SR EXECUTRIX: JENNY H AMSBARY 2111 WILTSHIRE BLVD HUNTINGTON, WV 25701-5344 ATTORNEY; DAVID AMSBARY 401 10TH STREET SUITE #500 HUNTINGTON, WV 25701-2200 ESTATE NUMBER: 7131 ESTATE NAME: MATILDA LEE BECKETT CO EXECUTOR: MARTIN BECKETT ROUTE 2 BOX 175 A ONA, WV 25545-9645 CO EXECUTOR: TIMOTHY DALE BECKETT 12 MOCKINGBIRD DRIVE MILTON, WV 25541-1131 ESTATE NUMBER: 7001 ESTATE NAME: PHILLIP RAY BOGGS ADMINISTRATOR: WESLEY T BOGGS 128 ELWOOD AVENUE HUNTINGTON, WV 25705-2711 ESTATE NUMBER: 7250 ESTATE NAME: JUANITA TACKETT CHAPMAN EXECUTOR: ROBERT OWEN CHAPMAN 1227 7TH ST HUNTINGTON, WV 25701-3217 ESTATE NUMBER: 7117 ESTATE NAME; LARRY JOE CONRAD EXECUTRIX: ELAINE CONRAD 4013 BLUE SULPHUR ROAD ONA, WV 25545-9768 ESTATE NUMBER: 7008 ESTATE NAME: BRUCE LEE ERVIN ADMINISTRATRIX: ANDREA CAYNOR 79 JUSTICE FARM DRIVE HAGERHILL, KY 41222-8510 ESTATE NUMBER: 7205 STATE NAME: WALTER E HAMILTON EXECUTOR: MARVIN JAMES HAMILTON 5459 SHAWNEE CIRCLE HUNTINGTON, WV 25705-3312 ESTATE NUMBER: 7189 ESTATE NAME: FREDDIE HOWARD HORTON ADMINISTRATOR: ROGER HORTON PO BOX 642 HOLDEN, WV 25625-0842 ESTATE NUMBER: 7176 ESTATE NAME: SHIRLEY JEAN CLAGG HUGHES AKA SHIRLEY W HUGHES EXECUTRIX: KAREN LYZENGA 197 VALLEY VIEW DR MILTON, WV 25541-1050 ESTATE NUMBER: 7163 ESTATE NAME: JOSEPH CHARLES JORDAN ADMINISTRATOR: JAMES LEE JORDAN 6190 BIRKEWOOD ROAD HUNTINGTON, WV 25705-2202 ESTATE NUMBER: 7063 ESTATE NAME: RHETA CAROL KEEFER EXECUTOR: MATTHEW KEEFER 6040 BOOTEN CREEK RD BARBOURSVILLE, WV 25504-9485 ESTATE NUMBER: 7007 STATE NAME: SHEILA ANN KENDRICK ADMINISTRATRIX: TIFFANY FAWN COFFMAN 1019 10TH AVENUE HUNTINGTON, WV 25701-3316 ESTATE NUMBER: 7051 ESTATE NAME: OKEY JAMES NAPIER JR ADMINISTRATOR: OKEY JAMES NAPlER 3887 RT FORK WILSON CREEK WAYNE, WV 25570 ESTATE NUMBER: 7239 STATE NAME: BILLIE COLE PINSON ADMIINISTRATOR: MATT KEEFER 6040 BOOTEN CREEK ROAD BARBOURSVILLE, WV 25504-9485 ESTATE NUMBER: 7080 ESTATE NAME: ZELL ELIZABETH SUNDERLAND EXECUTOR: MIKE DUNN P.O BOX 1678 HUNTINGTON, WV 25717-1678 ESTATE NUMBER: 7208 ESTATE NAME: LILA DORA TEMPLETON ADMINISTRATRIX: ROSEMARY ALGEO 6104 BAKER ROAD HUNTINGTON, WV 25705-2224 ESTATE NUMBER: 7005 ESTATE NAME: JOEY KENNETH WILLIAMS ADMINISTRATRIX: BARBARA ELLEN JUSTICE P.O BOX 384 LESAGE, WV 25537-0384 ATTORNEY: STEVE T COOK 642 MAIN STREET BARBOURSVILLE, WV 25504-1439 ESTAIE NUMBER: 7251 ESTATE NAME: CONSTANCE MARIE WOOD ADMINISTRATOR: RICKEY G WOOD 349 DAVIS STREET HUNTINGTON, WV 25705-1435 Subscribed and sworn to before me on 04/02/2019 Phyllis Smith County Clerk By: Joy Ferguson Deputy Clerk LH-69171 4-4,11;2019


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