Details for Notice of Proposed Settlement of Estates To the Creditors, Distributees

Notice of Proposed Settlement of Estates To the Creditors, Distributees and Beneficiaries of the within named persons: I have before me the final settlement of estates of the following persons, which shall be presented to the County Commission of Putnam County, at the Courthouse, in the City of Winfield, on Tuesday the 9th day of April 2019 at 09:00 for their approval which settlements have been presented to me by the Fiduciary of such estates and which proposed settlements I have approved as indicated below: Decedent: Tonjua Mae Coleman Fiduciary: Brian K. Coleman, Administrator Address: 458 Bills Creek Road, Winfield, WV 25213 Decedent: Chad Douglas O'Dell Fiduciary: Luther Watts, Executrix Address: 102 Litchfield Circle, Hurricane, WV 25526 Any persons having an interest in the estate of any such person, may before the County Commission at the time and place hereinabove specified and thereupon protest his interest as they may appear or else may forever thereafter be barred from asserting such interest. Given under my than this 29th day of March 2019. Fiduciary Supervisor, Putnam County 12093 Winfield Rd, Winfield, WV 25213 LH-69109 4-4;2019


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