HUNTINGTON — The Huntington Area Convention & Visitors Bureau has posted an updated online list of local restaurants, groceries, retail stores and other establishments that remain open and offering take-out and, in some cases, delivery to customers as they alter their businesses to protect customers and employees from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“While everyone needs to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus, we also need to do what we can individually to support many of our local businesses who are suffering right now,” said Tyson Compton, president of the CVB. “Working with the Huntington Regional Chamber, we plan to continue to update this list at this link and through our social media as the situation changes and, hopefully, also use it as a resource when our economy returns to normal.”

The list is available at

“As long as these restaurants and other businesses remain open and are taking the necessary precautions to safeguard against the spread of this virus, we need to support them,” said Bill Bissett, president and CEO of the Huntington Regional Chamber. “While there may be closures in the future, either from government action or by the decision of the business owner, we should support our business community during this difficult time and, when the time is right, help them regain their important place in our region’s economy.”

For more information on how businesses can prevent the spread of the coronavirus, visit

Businesses’ information about economic relief efforts and other related information is available at the WV Chamber’s website at

For more information about the Huntington Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, visit

For more information about the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce, visit

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