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Sholten Singer/The Herald-Dispatch Election officials process ballots for the West Virginia Primary election on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, at the Cabell County Courthouse in Huntington.

HUNTINGTON — Cabell County voters chose to renew all six tax levies placed on the 2016 ballot Tuesday night.

The levies raise funds for Cabell County Emergency Medical Services, the Cabell-Huntington Health Department, the Tri-State Transit Authority, fire protection services and training, Green Acres Regional Center and Autism Services Center, and Cabell County senior citizens projects and programs.

As of press time, all the levies were showing strong support from the voters. Levies must have 60 percent support or more to pass.

With all precincts reporting, Cabell County EMS levy had 16,307 votes in support of renewal and 4,023 against.

Last year, Cabell County EMS responded to 35,000 calls with an average response time of 7.5 minutes.

EMS Director Gordan Merry said though it was early, all the levies were doing well.

“I’m very thankful for the people of Cabell County,” Merry said. “I hope all the levies pass.”

With all precincts reporting, the health department levy had 15,393 votes in support and 4,683 against.

Funds from the levy support nearly 50 percent of the department’s budget, said administrator Tim Hazelette.

The county health department is one of the most community-supported health departments in the state, and because of that Hazelette said the health department owes the residents of Cabell County and Huntington “the very best.” That is why the department is applying for national accreditation, something only about 150 of nearly 3,000 health departments in the country have attained.

Public information officer Elizabeth Adkins said Tuesday night the health department was thankful for the voters who supported the levy.

“We can continue to provide quality public health services to the community,” she said.

With all precincts reporting, the TTA levy had 14,468 votes in support of renewal and 5,556 against.

Paul Davis, TTA director, said public transportation is what makes a city a city.

“We are so thankful,” Davis said. “As of right now the voters are supporting our employees and our community.”

With all precincts reporting, the fire protection service levy had 16,466 votes in support of renewal and 3,761 opposed. Senior citizens programs had 16,382 votes in support and 3,685 against. Green Acres Regional Center and Autism Services Center had 15,892 in support and 4,046 opposed.

The levy rates for each of those uses are calculated against the assessed value of each homeowner’s property.

All of the levies are a continuation and are not an increase in taxes. The current levies will expire in 2017 and the new levies will be for five years, ending in 2022.

Almost all the levies have been repeatedly passed since the 1980s.


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