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HUNTINGTON — It appeared Cabell County voters had moved to renew all five levies up for vote in the primary election for another five years, according to unofficial results as of 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The five levies Cabell citizens were given to either vote for or against were the Cabell County Emergency Medical Services, Cabell-Huntington Health Department, Cabell County Senior Citizens Projects and Programs, Tri-State Transit Authority and the Fire Protection Service, Firefighter Training and Economic Development.

These levies will be in effect during the fiscal years 2022-26.

The Cabell County Emergency Medical Services levy was renewed as of 10 p.m., with 14,093 voting for and 2,904 voting against.

The Cabell-Huntington Health Department levy was also renewed, with 13,257 voting for and 3,586 voting against.

The Cabell-Huntington Health Department previously reported that over half its budget is gained through levy funding. This funding allows for select services and procedures, such as flu immunizations, health inspections and restaurant permits to be free.

The Cabell-Huntington Health Department predicted that had the levy failed, yearly permit fees for restaurants would have increased anywhere from $250 to $500, facility inspections would cost $100, and inspections due to valid complaints would also cost $100.

The Cabell County Senior Citizens Project and Programs levy was renewed as of 10 p.m., with 14,526 voting for and 2,469 voting against. This levy will provide funding to various programs dedicated to improving senior care and social health in the region. It is also less than a quarter percent of the average homeowner’s bill.

The Tri-State Transit Authority levy was renewed as of 10 p.m., with 13,043 voting for and 3,727 voting against.

The nonpartisan Tri-State Transit Authority levy that Huntington citizens additionally voted on was also renewed, with 5,874 voting for and 1,526 voting against. Huntington citizens have voted for these two separate levies since the 1980s, with one representing funding from the city of Huntington and another from Cabell County at large. This separate levy is 7 cents per $100 on the average homeowner’s bill.

The Fire Protection Service, Firefighter Training and Economic Development levy was renewed as of 10 p.m., with 14,287 voting for and 2,601 voting against. This levy provides funding to fire departments around the county, allowing them to train personnel and purchase gear that is necessary for them to perform their duties.

As an example of the costs firefighters face, a recent purchase of 20 sets of gear by the Barboursville Volunteer Fire Department cost $45,000.

All of these levies are set to continue with the same rates they have previously had for the next five years of their existence.

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