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NAME: Brian Pinkerman

CANDIDATE FOR: Lawrence County, Ohio, Commission

PARTY: Republican

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: Facebook: Elect Brian Pinkerman for Lawrence County Commissioner

HOME CITY: Proctorville


AGE: 51

EDUCATION: High School Diploma.


OTHER WORK HISTORY: Owner of Pinkerman's Exc. & Const. LLC and Pinkerman's Trucking, LLC.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: President Rome Board of Trustees; Vice President Law. Co. Township Association; Member of Law. Co. Storm Water Task Force; Member of Law. Co. Planning Commission; Member of Law. Co. Health Dept. Advisory Board; Supporter of 4-H Agricultural Program; Member of Finley Chapel United Methodist Church.

FAMILY: wife, Lisa R. Pinkerman; children, Keri Mootz; Kris Pinkerman; grandchildren, Emma Mootz, Kaiden Pinkerman, Claire Mootz, Knox Pinkerman.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: As a Conservative Christian Republican, I pledge to ALL people of Lawrence County with humility, trustworthiness and integrity my passion and desire as a Commissioner is for the development and growth of Lawrence County...for my family and YOURS. I humbly ask for your Vote, May 3rd, 2022.

1. If elected, would you be in favor of keeping the 5th Street door to the courthouse open to better serve the public?

Yes, I am.

2. Are you in favor of building a new senior center in Rome Township? Why or why not?

Yes, I am. Ryan Smith secured some money for the project, but it has been so long since the funds were offered, I'm not sure if they're still available. The way I understand, the funding is no longer available since the EMS Station is no longer going to be built at the Fairgrounds. I would need more information.

3. How could the commission implement better county planning into the next decade?

Growing and strengthening the County Planning Commission. Working with the State to assure mandates from the state and federal government, come with funding. We need to be aggressive at going after state and federal funding. Coming up with ideas and ways to be more aggressive to get this funding.

4. How would you encourage economic development in the county?

If we had high speed broadband internet service, we could capitalize on rural areas. Lawrence County is a big county and businesses would grow and flourish in these rural areas. With the funding from The American Rescue Plan Act we have the best opportunities right now to help broadband spread into these areas for economic development.

5. What are the three most pressing problems the county faces?

1. In desperate need of a County Jail. 2. High Speed Broadband service to all of Lawrence County. 3. Focus on helping to complete the new East End Bridge Project in the eastern part of the county. And finish the by-pass project.

6. What are your top priorities for moving the county forward?

Better communication amongst county and local government. Working together to get more accomplished. Having a good relationship and working with State Representatives to maximize opportunities and possibilities for Lawrence County. Transparency and getting information out in the public, so all Lawrence County citizens can be informed.

7. What needs to be done about litter control in the county?

It is a huge problem. Commissioner Holliday has worked very hard on trying to educate the importance of this to the people with Lawrence County First Impressions. Continue to work with her ideas. Also, hire an enforcement officer through the County Health Department to be able to handle nuisance complaints, and to write citations to persons who illegally dump.

8. Are you interested in fitting renewable energy into local planning and development? If so, how?

We can produce energy in the United States cleaner and better than anybody in the world. I promote natural gas, propane and electricity. I feel that we should always explore alternatives like wind and solar, but in a way that doesn't bankrupt our country. As far as the county, it's all about our funding. What we can do.


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