NAME: Phyllis Smith

CANDIDATE FOR: Cabell County Clerk

PARTY: Democrat



PERSONAL STATEMENT: In the six-month period that I’ve served as Cabell County Clerk, it has been business as usual. The Road Bond election was held in October 2017 and while it was a busy time the election went smooth and without difficulty. Since then I have completed and submitted to the County Commission the new fiscal budget for my office. These are only two of the many responsibilities of the County Clerk. If elected I will strive to go beyond the mandated duties to supply the needs of the public on a more personal level.

AGE: 72

EDUCATION: Graduate of Milton High School, Attended Huntington School of Business


OTHER WORK HISTORY: Magistrate Assistant, County Commission, Magistrate, Circuit Clerk’s office, Milton City Council and Recorder for the City of Milton.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Rotary Club (Paul Harris Fellow), Lions Club, Women’s Caucus for Leadership and Cabell County Democratic Women’s Club.

FAMILY: daughter , Stephanie Rosier; grandsons, Conner and Kiernan Rosier. 

1. What experience qualifies you for the office?

In September 2017 I was appointed County Clerk by the Cabell County Commission due in part to my work experience in local government. Over a period of 30 years I’ve worked as Magistrate Assistant, Human Resource Manager, Office Clerk and served four years as Magistrate. Additionally, I served on Council and as Recorder for the City of Milton.

2. What are your suggestions for improving the operation of the office?

In conjunction with the County Commission office a new payroll system has been put in place effective January 1, 2018. The county faced thousands of dollars in fines due to incorrect 941’s to the IRS. The new system will ensure correct tax filings saving the county thousands. The Commission and I are planning to purchase new voting machines as budget permits.

3. How would you improve the online presence of the Cabell County Clerk’s Office?

I plan to offer more online services. We are currently looking into providing deed search with print capability. This service would accept credit card payments after an account has been set up. I also intend to keep the online voter registration up to date.

4. What do you think about the online voter registration system?

I think the online voter registration is very beneficial to the public since they can access the services 24/7. The feed back from the public has been positive. The Secretary of State’s office works diligently to make the online registration system secure.

5. What is the biggest problem the county clerk's office faces, and how would you address it?

My office has been under a 10% budget cut for the last 3 years, due to the jail bill and healthcare costs. New voting machines were needed and the county agreed to assist in the purchase and my office obtained a $667,000 grant to offset the original price. More grants are in the process to aid in modernization of the office.

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