NAME: Bob Bailey

CANDIDATE FOR: Cabell County Commission

PARTY: Democrat


HOME CITY: Huntington


PERSONAL STATEMENT: I have been a County Commissioner for 24 years. I have been part of building 6 new ambulance stations and 3 new senior centers. I take pride in helping to bring a state of the art 911 center to Cabell County to help protect the citizens. We fund the volunteer fire departments from the Levy, along with the City of Huntington and the Fire School. 24 new fire hydrants have been installed to save homes and help insurance rates. I am a “Full-Time” Commissioner that serves the people of Cabell County. I come to work every day.

AGE: 78

EDUCATION: Marshall University, Bachelor and Masters in Education Administration.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Cabell County Commissioner.

OTHER WORK HISTORY: Cabell County Commissioner 24 years, Cabell County Teacher & Coach 12 years, Sheriff 8 years, Huntington City Councilman 8 years, Huntington Mayor 1 year.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Elks Club, Moose Club, U.S. Marine Corp League, Disabled American Veteran, Veteran of Foreign Wars, American Legion, NAACP, TTA and Huntington Chamber of Commerce.

ENDORSEMENTS: Jim Morgan, Cabell County Commissioner, WV Labor Council, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 122, SEIU.

FAMILY: daughters, Robin Bailey and Lisa Bailey.

1. What needs to be done about the recycling program?

I fought hard for recycling the last 6 years. It is now going to become a reality. The County Commission is funding $100,000 to help curbside recycling in Cabell County. I am a member of the Recycling Committee, appointed by the state for 4 years. New bins will be placed out in the county.

2. How would you implement better county planning?

I am a member of the Cabell County Planning Commission. We recently finished our county comprehensive plan with the help of Marshall University and Mountwest College 2016.

3. How would you encourage economic development in the county?

I am a member of HADCO & KYOVA. The County works with our Building Permit Department and the Planning Commission of Huntington. We seek grants for help.

4. What more needs to be done about dilapidated housing in the county?

Dilapidated housing is a problem because we don’t have zoning in Cabell County. We work with the Mayors of Huntington, Barboursville and Milton to get houses torn down. People are required to get a building permit from the county in order to build new structures.

5. What are the three most pressing problems the county faces?

The cost of paying the jail bill for all law enforcement agencies is the County’s main problem. A shortage of assistance prosecuting attorney’s to speed up court cases, and more law enforcement to arrest drug dealers. Our insurance cost are also expensive.

6. What are your budgeting priorities?

By the state code our budget priority is to fund our elected county officials. So they can serve the people, fund the public libraries and park system and work with different organizations to bring business and people to Cabell County. We need to build ambulance stations and continue to fund the volunteer fire departments.

7. The sheriff's department has added some new deputies in recent months. Do you think more should be added?

The sheriff and his department are doing a great job, but in order to help defeat the ongoing drug epidemic they need at least 10 more men and women They also need better pay and benefits.

8. Do you think the county should merge Public Service Districts?

The PSDs are self sustaining and are a small cost to tax payers. We have 3 districts in Cabell County and the Community takes pride in their districts. They do a good job for the citizens with connections and low rates. At this time I would not vote to consolidate them, because they are providing the lowest cost to the citizens that they can.

9. What needs to be done about litter control in the county?

Stricter laws should be adopted and entered. The public can be a help by calling the authorities and getting license numbers of the offenders. Cameras can be set up at the dump sites, while working with the Cabell County Health Department. We are using home confinement and day report inmates to clean up sites.

10. Would you be in favor of city and county consolidating services?

Yes they should be consolidated because the city has many revenue streams in the Home Rule System that the county doesn’t have. Hard work and meetings have made it possible to now consolidate ambulance service, state of the art 911 centers, fire safety services and six ambulance stations

11. Are you satisfied with the operation of the Huntington Cabell Wayne Animal Shelter? Are there any changes you would make?

Being new on the Board of Directors, I haven’t been satisfied with what has been taking place. We have taken the first steps toward improvement and privatizing by hiring Courtney Proctor Cross as a new director. Animals are getting better care and housing. We now have a safe environment for our animal friends.

12. Because county commissions have limited sources of income, but are required to pay for county constitutional offices and jails, do you favor the state legislature giving counties more sources of income? If so, what might be those sources?

Each year I meet with our local Delegation. I always ask them to help us the same way they help the cities by giving us Home Rule. It never happens. I ask them for help with the jail bill, by making all arresting agencies pay for their own arrest. Nothing happens. The City gets help each year, The County does not.

13. The county has had difficulty paying its jail bill. Are there any other steps you think are appropriate to try to reduce that jail bill?

Jailing criminals is a must. Cutting down on holding time needs to be cut to a minimum, so the prisoners can be sent to the state prison sooner. Thus cutting cost for the county. All regional jails should have to look for the State to pay their bills as the Commissioners were promised.

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