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NAME: Nancy Cartmill

CANDIDATE FOR: Cabell County Commission

PARTY: Republican

HOME CITY: Barboursville


AGE: 77

EDUCATION: Barboursville High School

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Cabell County Commissioner and I serve as the Executive Director of West Virginia Assisted Living Association

OTHER WORK HISTORY: Eight years as the Mayor of Barboursville and 20 years as the Executive Director of the West Virginia PTA

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Tri-State Airport Authority Board, Salt Rock Garden Club, Solid Waste Authority Board, Prestera Board, Southwestern Community Action Council Board, County Commissioners Association, West Virginia Association of Counties, Chamber of Commerce Board, Cabell County Republican Women, West Virginia EMS Advisory Council , WV Community in Schools Advisory Board to name a few.

ENDORSEMENTS: Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce.

FAMILY: husband, the late Larry Cartmill; son, Randy Johnson; daughter, Melody Hall; granddaughter, Ashley.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: My background of leadership experience and my ability to work with both parties at the local, state and federal level can accomplish much for Cabell County . I will be responsive to the needs of the people of Cabell County and will work hard to see that those needs are met. I will always be my own person and make decisions based on what is best for Cabell County, not what is politically expedient. I do have a lot of leadership sand organizational skills and I will use these skills to move Cabell County forward.

1. How would you implement better county planning?

We have a Planning and Development Department within the commission office that is working very well. The Director follows every project from beginning to end, applies for grants to fund projects that are identified by the commission.

2. How would you encourage economic development in the county?

The commission gives $50,000 each year to HADCO for economic development and gives additional funding for special projects. The commission also gives $50,000 each year to the Tri-State Airport. The airport is essential to economic development in the county. The commission also works with our elected officials in Charleston and Washington to bring economic development to the county.

3. What more needs to be done about dilapidated housing in the county?

It is not only a very long process to tear down dilapidated buildings, but it is a very expensive one. The county does not have the money to tear these buildings down. It would be helpful if The Legislature could change some laws to allow the county to use the same process to tear down buildings as the cities now have.

4. What are the three most pressing problems the county faces?

The biggest problem would be lack of money. The county has no way of generating more funds. They cannot add new taxes or increase fees without legislative approval. Of course, drug use, sale and distribution of drugs are a real problem followed by an increase in the homeless population.

5. What are your budgeting priorities?

The Constitution says the commission must adequately fund the elected officials first. State law and the Supreme Court says we must also pay the jail bill. The commission is required to give the Library a percentage of our budget which is around $1.5 million and around $500,000 to the Park Board before we budget anything

6. Do you think more sheriff’s deputies should be added?

I believe that the Sheriff should decide if he needs more deputies, not the commission. If he felt the need to hire more then I would work with him to try and make that happen.

7. What needs to be done about litter control in the county?

Litter control falls under the Solid Waste Authority. The commission has given them money for a re-cycling program that seems to be working very well in the county. Re-cycling also helps to control litter.

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